Thursday, May 30, 2013


I felt a bit of blogging inspiration after reading another blog that is going through the ABC's.  Cute, right?  Start with A and work my way right on time frame and I can think of whatever topic I want for each letter.  I might be able to handle that.  Maybe.  At first, I got all hung up an the letter A.  I can't take the pressure!  Not a great start.  But then I landed on "art".

What kind of art do you have hanging in your home?  What's your style?  Abstract?  Modern?  Photography?  Kid art?  In my mind, I love all hand made art pieces created by Pinterest ideas.  In reality, though, I lean waaaaaayyyy towards traditionally framed art or things that I think are significant (maybe only to me, but still)

Since painting the dining room, I've had a heck of a time filling the empty wall space.  Since my budget is somewhere between $0 - $10, I felt stuck. I've pinned a few ideas, but then chicken out when it comes to actually making something for fear that it would turn out badly.   But, I pinned one idea that I thought would be perfect if the kids made it!  Genius!  That way, I'll get what I want and if it's not perfect, who's gonna say??  It's way more abstract than I would ever, ever Jackson Pollock kinda abstract.  But, I love it, too!

Here's some pics of my more traditional pieces...

 The paintings above hang over the sofa and the fireplace...the same place for15years.  And, I'm pretty sure for the next 15 years,too.  It takes a lot for me to change...
This piece hangs in our bedroom...for the past 15 years.  Did I mention that I used to work for an art shop before getting married?  I stocked up on framed art, my friends.

Each kid got a canvas and a variety of cups filled with food colored bubble liquid.  They had at it and there's the results.  I love that each kid has one, they are each different and special.  I think they'll be hanging there for more than 15 years!