Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching My Breath!!!!

Whew!  So, it's been about 700 days since I posted anything...or at least it feels like it's been that long.  As of my last post, there were many things to be done and the minutes were slipping from my fingers...much like an ornament in Baby Trey's hands.  (We lost about 7 balls from the tree and a "Cookies For Santa" plate so far this Christmas season.  I've become quite adroit at handling a whisk broom, dust pan and paper bag) 

While this season has been filled with a good kind of business, we've had a few tough moments...two people dear to us went to be with Lord, Trey is on his third round of antibiotics this month for a nasty ear infection and someone broke into Jay's car and stole the Wii games he had bought for the kids.  But, we shall not say "Bah Humbug!"...instead, I will share some pictures of the fun we have had!  *And, our fun isn't over yet!  We still have a family luncheon, New Years and a trip to Ohio!*

This picture is from an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party!  How fun is that?

This is the Christmas card picture that I found in the eleventh hour and sent off to Walgreen's!

This is the craft that I finally settled on for Joe's non-Christmas Winter Party at school!
We totally missed the whole blog world "Sharing Christmas" thing, which I really wanted to do, but couldn't squeeze in a post and was not super satisfied with our modified decorating this year due to a mobile baby!  But, here are a few of my favorite things...

Notice the lack of ornaments at the bottom of the tree???

This Santa is about 35 years old and I just think he's super cool.

 Christmas morning!

Where else besides the kitchen do you ride you cool new bike from Uncle Doug and Aunt Jackie?

And, even though he's been sick, sick, sick...Baby Trey has made time to practice carrying things under his chin like his brother's dirty socks.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By The Numbers...

50 - Christmas cards
25 - Gifts
22 - First graders needing a "winter" craft
10 - dozens of Snickerdoodles
5 - teacher gifts
3- loads of laundry
0 - things on this list that are done.

Ready! Set! Go!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Think I'm My Daughter's Mother

Since the day all of our children were born, people have asked "Who does he/she look like?  'Cause they sure don't look like you!"  Ouch!  I know I've lost that baby button nose, gotten a little taller and developed a finely crafted hard looking edge, but jeez!  My favorite question is always "Where did they get the blue eyes?"  As they're looking into MY blue eyes...oh well.  Anywho, the earliest picture I have of myself is my preschool picture.  Lo and behold, Bella got her preschool pictures back this week....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A President's Interuption and Some Snoop Dogg

I'm here, Sisters!!!!!!  I'm going to do a combo post of performance and, try to keep up.  I will need some help, though, because the President's speech cut into the performance show and my DVR cut off the last half hour!!! 

Cat Deeley shows off her hidden McGyver talent by showcasing a dress made solely out of crepe paper...of course she rocked it!  And then we get right into the dances without any introduction.  I'm left to figure out the story behind each dance...I'm worried I'll be lost.

Noelle and Ryan are up first with a hip hop routine by Tabby Naps.  I did not need any help figuring this one out.  Super sexy office ditty...and I loved it!  Noelle!!  Who knew???  Though, Ryan's tight pants kept him from "feeling the funk" that Nigel was looking for.  Nigel thought they did have good chemistry.  Mary thought they had it "goin' on" and Adam said they were "smokin'".  Apparently praise comes in slang around this joint.

Ashliegh and Legacy were up next with a Gary Stewart contemporary piece.  It was about angry people in a kicking duel (I'm guessing)  I thought it was soooo intricate and physical.  Awesome!  Nigel thought it was absolutely fantastic.  Mary thought it was "WOW!" , then she started talking about "latching on" and I got lost in memories of nursing babies....Adam thought it was extraordinary and they showed no fear.  Can we talk about Legacy's head stand for a minute????  Holy cow!

Next was Moooolllleeee's solo.  If she was in HSM 1,2 & 3 does she really need this show?  I guess so.  Her solo was good, though I hated her stretch pants painted to look like jeans.  Anyone?

Russell's solo was next.  It was sweet to see how proud his parents are of him. His solo was a krumping strip tease that I thought was going to end with some broken bones.  Pretty cool!

Kathryn and Nathan did a Spencer Lyth Broadway number and I LOVED IT!  Such a cute couple!  And they got the 50's look down perfectly!  Nigel thought they were tremendous but needed more chemistry.  Mary thought they had "NO TROUBLE!" and Adam said they did a great job and Nathan had matured a lot...since last week??

Noelle's solo was was fine, nothing memorable.

Ellenore and Jakob performed a quick step choreographed by Tony and Melanie.  It was quick and steppy, so I guess it was good.  Nigel thought they were very good together.  Mary said "YOU DESERVE THAT TROPHY!" Adam then went into a very complicated partnership diagram to say that they were fantastic.

Ryan's solo!  Really?  Ballroom to a Scorpion song?   Really?  I'd be worried...

Kathryn was up next.  Kathryn's mom apparently comforts herself with plastic surgery when she misses Kathryn.  She misses her a lot.  Kathryn's solo was cute, fine.

Moooolllleee and Russell perform a Mandy Moore lyrical jazz piece.  While their dance was SO GREAT, I couldn't help but get lost in the backseat of a limo with Richard Gere driving away from the hotel in Pretty Woman.  Anybody else?  Just me?  Sweet.  Nigel thought that Mollee had also matured in few short days.  Mary "LOVED THIS PARTNERSHIP!" and Adam thought this was Mollee's coming out party...and he should know.

Nathan's solo...Oh no!  He's crying!  Yikes!  His solo was very spinny and bendy and then he was crying again.  Sympathy votes start now...or do they?

Noelle and Ryan do a smooth waltz by JT & Thomas.  So pretty and smooth (ironic?), it reminded me of water.  Nigel thought they were a prince and princess.  Mary said they were breathtaking and Adam said he knew it was good because he was breathing with them.  And he got a little high in the middle of it.  A little?  Come on.

Ellenore's solo.  So, her parents move all the way from California to New York for her to pursue dance?  That's amazing support!  She's very quirky and cute!

Ashliegh and Legacy's second dance is a Dave Scott hip hop routine...and it was awful.  I was so distracted by the cape!  The cape!  And certainly not enough Legacy worthy tricks.  Nigel didn't feel it.  Mary said it didn't work and Adam thought it wasn't challenging enough.

This is the point where my DVR cut off!!!  So, I missed Legacy, Ashliegh & Jakob's solo dances.  And Nathan & Kathryn's rumba (the judges thought they did well-ish), Ellenore & Jakob's contemporary (goosebumps and standing O) and Mollee and Russell's jive (judges were feelin' it!)

Onto the results!  Cat looks like a bed headed vixen! Meeee-yowww!  The dancers open the show with a Tyce Deorio dirty dancing street gang routine.  Awesome!

Noelle and Kathryn are the bottom 2 girls...and Ryan and Nathan are the bottom 2 guys.  I'm a little indifferent to the girls, but I can't decide on the guys!  Nathan is such a cutie, but Ashliegh might in fact die if Ryan goes home!

That was super cool routine by The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers!  Loved it!

I fast forwarded through the solos...sorry!

Snoop Dogg cracks me up.  I can't decide if I love him or hate him.  If you can say "Go 'head" and "So You Think You Can Dance", you've memorized 75% of his song(?)...but at the same time, it's catchy and had fun dancers.  Remember Hok and that other guy?  And, man!  Those girls can drop it like it's hot!

Anywho...Noelle was sent home.   I think I heard Mollee's heart break.  And Nathan!  Wow!  I was a bit surprised, but he's about 12 years old, so I think he'll be fine.

That's it kids!  Courtney is up next week, but take that with a grain of salt.....