Sunday, July 7, 2013

"C" is for....

C is for cleaning, cabinet, change and celebration! 

The kids recently finished a week of Vacation Bible School at our church (Hey! There's a "c").  Did you ever go to VBS as a kid?  Did you like it?  I never, ever went...didn't even really know it existed.  But, that's beside the point.  While the kids were singing, playing and praying their hearts out, I had 3 hours of kid-free time for 5 days!  This is THE only time of year that this happens.  So, of course, I took a long nap, painted my nails, watched any (non animated) movie made in the last 5 years...oh, wait!  No, I didn't do any of those things!

Are you ready?  I cleaned our windows!  Maybe you're thinking to yourself that that doesn't sound like such a big deal.  Who cares?  I wash my windows 3 times a week!  To which I would reply, blah, blah, blah, pffffffttttt.  My nephews were doing some odd jobs around the outside of our house, so the ladders were out, the sun was shining and, believe me, the windows needed it.  We've lived here for almost 15 years and I've cleaned the outside of the windows exactly zero times.  How's that for "showing your real"???  My 17 year old nephew had to show me how to take the screens out.  What?!?!  In my own weak, barely reasonable, defense, the screens were supposed to be able to be taken out from inside the house.  But, whoever put them in, did it from the outside.  Our neighbors pay a measly $25 to have their windows professionally cleaned, so we could have gone that route...but, we just never did.  But, from now on, since I put the screens back in correctly, those windows will be sparkling clean year 'round.  How often do you clean your windows?  Or do you have a service?  Or do you just like to think that it's always slightly cloudy?

I, also, used that precious VBS time to paint another cabinet for the dining room.

Somehow, between all the painting and cleaning, Trey ended up making some big changes.   Maybe only big to this Mommy, but still...We switched Trey from a toddler bed to a twin sized bed (he went from looking like a giant to looking like a peanut), and put away all the baby gates.  And, Trey upgraded from a 5 point harness car seat to a big kid booster seat!  Lots of changes!!

We also sneaked in a few celebrations!  Somebody (okay, me) had a birthday, there was the 4th of July, and we had a picnic here to celebrate over 20 years of friendship!!

What should I do for the letter "D"???