Monday, October 17, 2011

Funny Business

Parenting can be hard.  Days like today are long.  Trey started another round of chemo, which means a long morning/afternoon at the hospital.  Later, he threw up all over the carpet in the basement.  Bella knocked the new tube of toothpaste into the toilet at bedtime.  Joe gave me an elbow to the nose.  Yada, yada, yada...BUT!!!  There are parenting moments that make Jay and I laugh wholeheartedly.
 Yes, Bella fell asleep for several hours last night with a quilt, another blanket and her Taggy blanket shoved under her sleep shirt.  Fearing that she would wake up in a sweaty panic exactly 45 minutes after we fell into a deep sleep, we woke her to remove the blankets.  Between giggles, we asked her why she did that.  Her reply?  "I wanted to look fat."  Okay, Bella, whatever.  Parenting can be hard.  Being a parent can be hilarious.