Thursday, December 30, 2010

Being Thankful...

Well, well, well...what a Christmas season it has been.  On Christmas Eve, Jay and I were told that Baby Trey has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  My heart hands and feet went mind started spinning.  I'll write more about that part at another time.  Right now, though, I feel like I need to make it known that Jay and I are thankful.

Thankful?  For what?  Definitely not the cancer.  But, this is the situation Trey is in and we're going to praise the Lord for....

*Trey limping.  This is what prompted a call to the pediatrician which got the ball rolling.  A lot of kids show no symptoms until much later....Yikes!  How much later could it be?
*Calling the pediatrician.  Some folks thought he might just be going through a growth spurt...
*A persistent team of doctors!  When our pediatrician didn't know what was wrong, he sent us to get x-rays.  When that showed  nothing out of the ordinary, he sent us to an Orthopedic doctor at Children's Hospital.  When she didn't know what the problem was, she sent us to a Rheumatologist in the hospital.
*All the tests!  The Rheumatologist thought his limp might be Transient Synovitis (relatively harmless, will clear up on its own), when I emailed her ON A SATURDAY because Trey had started limping again, she emailed me back WITHIN AN HOUR and set up an appointment.  At that next appointment, she ordered blood tests...then a bone scan...then an MRI...then a bone biopsy...then a full body CT scan.  At the time, I thought all these tests were a real pain in the wazoo.  Hmmmm...
*We live in a city with one of THE best Children's Hospitals in the country!
*Friends, family and community!  Within hours of learning the diagnosis and sharing it, we were overwhelmed with love and support!
*God!  We know in our hearts that the God that created the universe is holding Trey in His all powerful hands right now and that this situation will bring Him glory.

So, do we wish this had never happened to Baby Trey?  Absolutely!  We are sad and scared (I think I've cried 10 times today )...but, we have hope!  And Trey is quite the I sit in a darkened hospital room right now at 10 pm, Trey is refusing to go to seep and throwing his socks at me while singing "Happy birthday".  No one has told him he's sick yet.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Made Fun

As of late, I haven't had any inspiration to delve into deep, interesting, or thought provoking posts.  So, here's another one that includes oodles of pictures of the kiddos...

Jay was born with a competitive streak.  Everything he does is tinged with some sort of challenge.  "Can I carry every bag from the grocery store into the house in one trip?"  "Can I empty the dishwasher more efficiently than yesterday?"  Did ya see how I threw in a back handed compliment there?  Jay does all the grocery shopping and empties the dishwasher!  He's the best!  Back to the point...Instead of just picking up the apples that fell from the tree off the driveway, he has to use a hockey stick and try to flick each apple up over the house...bonus points it one hits the shed (nearly impossible).  If there is a ball of any kind in the room, Jay will be bouncing it, juggling it, or trying to hit an impossibly small target.  He can make up a game faster than the Parker Bros. and Hasbro combined!  Jay once created a game (Hand Hockey) that kids for years would show up at our house to play in a tournament style.  It was too sweaty and bloody for my taste, but whatever.  All this brings me to my point...we have a (sort of) empty room in our basement.  It's great to run in, rough house, play catch...anything, because there's nothing to run into and nothing to break.  Well, all this nothingness started to bore Jay to pieces.  Hence our new play room...

 Climbing rope/swing?  Check?
Climbing wall?  Check.
Climbing wall PLUS wall to wall rope?  Check.

High jump that Trey will inevitably try to wreck every single time?  Check.
Hours of fun, creativity, and exercise? Check.

Please ignore the fact that Bella is wearing her's my own sort of competition.  I'm trying to see how small I can keep the laundry pile.  Right now, I'm losing.