Sunday, July 27, 2014

I is for I Still Do!!!

Fifteen years ago, I stood in front of more than 100 friends and family to commit to forever with the love of my life!  Fifteen!!  How can that be possible?  Wasn't it just recently that I was getting shooed out of the mall for loitering?  We just went to that Vanilla Ice concert!  I still get can I be closer to 50 than I am to 21???  I can remember our wedding as if it were yesterday...the flowers, the singing, the babies (that are all grown up now!)

Fifteen years in and I still get little butterflies when I watch Jay coach volleyball.  I still find comfort in the sound of his car pulling up outside.  I look for him in crowded parties and always know when he's close by.  I instinctively put my hand in the crook of his arm when we're walking. He has already anticipated my move and his arm is ready.  It still feels new to introduce "My husband, Jay."  With a look across a room, we can speak volumes.

We absolutely did not know what we were saying 'I do' to fifteen years ago.  I did not think I would ever say things like, "No, you can't poop in your brother's pocket!".  Or, who knew we were saying 'I do' to a lifetime of home improvements??  Never ending laundry? 

Some things we've encountered would have torn apart a weaker bond.  But, we have drawn even closer to each other through difficult times, and we're better for it...together. Jay loves to teach couples (and I love to encourage him to teach other couples) how to be stronger together.  It's sounds so simple, but yet is so powerful.  We meet each others emotional needs.  Anyone can learn how to do it, too!  It's made us better spouses, better parents, and better friends. 

So, after all these years, I still do.
 July 24, 1999

July 4, 2014