Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet the top 20!!

Head over to Courtney's blog-o-rama for a "get to know your dancers" recap.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carving Out Some Family Time

This Friday night was a rarity in our humble abode. We were all home and had no plans to go anywhere and nary a babysitter in sight. So, we thought this would be a good evening to do some real live family style pumpkin carving. This would be a first for our house! What???? I know, weird, right?

We are not big on Halloween over here. I do love to decorate for fall, though. So, that includes pumpkins and hay bales, and 475 driveway squash. Apparently, Bella's pre-school teacher only has pumpkin themed books for September through November, so she's had Jack-o-Lanterns on the brain.

It did not go as smoothly as we thought.....of course I took pictures of the event.

So far so good...then...

Oh pumpkin guts. It was too much for the younger crowd. They retreated to the safety of the living room until the carnage was out of sight.

Baby Trey didn't mind...

Cute end results, though...

Bella's is the one on the left. When I asked for her carving request, she yelled from the other room "Give him a sad face!" "Are you sure, Bella?" "Oh, alright! Make him a happy face." Trey's is in the middle...and Joe clearly demonstrated for me exactly what face he wanted on his pumpkin. Trust me, it's an exact replica of his request.

And, I burned the pumpkin seeds. Oh well...All's well that ends well, right?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 20!!! And a new creepy bald judge...

This is it, you guys! The Top 20 that's going to blow all the other seasons out of the water! First things first, though. I have a few housekeeping issues to discuss before getting to the big reveal.

I need to know the time line between Vegas week and Hollywood....a week, a month, what? Hair has grown (or been shaved), judges have forgotten the dancers, ankles have healed. What gives?

Once again, not enough Cat with her sparkly shoulder pads....

And, maybe this is part of the dance community that I don't get have never been invited to such a soiree...but why, oh why are all the dancers either so excited for the dancers that make it through and so utterly outraged for those who don't succeed? That person either took your place or saved you a place! I'd love to see just once, a dancer in the background looking really mad ticking numbers off his fingers! Anywho....

So, the judges for Hollywood are Nigel, Mary, Adam, Debbie, some creepy bald guy, and Tyce.

Here are your Season 6 results!
1. Nate - the baby faced rule breaker. He's a YES! Mia wants to be a part of his growth...not hair growth, per se...
2. nameless guy-NO
3. nameless guy-NO
4. nameless girl- NO
Though, the judges did give them words of encouragement while kicking them in the nuts. So that's nice.
5. David and his yellow submarine (you know what I mean!) NO!!! What???
6. Catherine who made it this far with no camera time at all and a voice that gets higher and higher and higher as she cries - YES!!
7. Channing the tomboy- YES!
8. Arianna- YES!
9. Elena- YES!
Now there's a break to celebrate Noelle and Mollee's budding relationship
10. Billy Bell- Juliard Shmuliard! He's a YES! Debbie wins for the most awkward reveal tease of the night!
11. Jake-NO
12. Brandon-NO
13. Amber- NO! Apparently exquisite talent is not quite enough...
14. Russell- the krumper with secret talent and stretch pants is a YES! According to Mia she's banking on Russell because a lot of things have not gone her way recently, including her last trip to the salon.
15. Kevin - hip hop guy is a YES!
Legacy is seen looking for the door at this point...
Ooooh, now for a Tapping Trio....
16. Bianca - YES! She has got to work on her cry face! I swear she was going to throw up every time she cried!
17. Phillip- YES!
18. Peter - YES!
Legacy is seen fashioning a noose out of Mia's hair...
19. nameless guy - NO
20. nameless girl - NO
21. nameless girl - NO
22. nameless girl - NO
23. nameless girl - NO
24. Victor, who we feel is this years Kupono is a YES!
25. Jacob - YES!
Billy Bell is seen wearing Legacy's clothes...
26. Mollee - YES! Will her newest and bestest friend ever make it through???
27. Pauline - YES! Let's not let a little thing like not finishing Vegas week stop the judges from putting her through....can we see the ankle injury clip again?
28. Noelle - YES! Did anyone else notice that when Mollee was hanging from her, no one else came over to congratulate them?
29. nameless guy - NO
30. nameless guy - NO
31. nameless girl - NO
32. nameless girl - NO
33. Legacy - YES!!!! Tyce even said "Gotcha!!! And what I meant by that is, Will you date me?"
34. Paula - YES!
Uh oh....we're down to the last 2 guys and girls....
35. Ryan - The better of the two, married guy - YES!
36. Gene - the hottie batottie??? with bedazzled jeans - NO
37. Karen - YES!
38. Ashley - The lesser of the two, married gal...NO. Wait! What? She's in??? Oh, that's right, Paula had to turn down the offer...go ahead a wipe your tears with your movie contract, Paula. We've got a married couple on the show!

That's it folks! It may not have been a minute by minute recap, but that's all I got! Courtney's up for next week.

Sorry if I seemed a little harsh on Mia, but since she's not going to be on the show anymore...she's dead to me. Not really!!! I love her! Come back, Mia, come back!!! Don't go! I'm going to miss her weird swearing and squinting. Oh well, I still have the Shankman.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

He thinks he can dance....

For quite an entertaining review of this weeks So You Think You Can Dance....head over to Brian's bloggeroo. Don't forget to leave comments, too!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where have we been???

Seriously? Nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. September flew by with barely a "how do you do?" And all I have to show for it this "I survived September" t-shirt...

Joe is a month into first grade...and academically, he's doing awesome! There are other issues at hand here, though. Namely....the RECESS AIDES!!!! I became aware of the problem when one of the dreaded aides pulled me aside to tell me that Joe was going to the bathroom multiple times during lunch and recess and did I think he had some type of infection? Uhhhh.....no. Joe fessed up that all the ladies YELL. REAL. LOUD, some even have a coaching whistle that they blow in the hallways! And so, his nervous reaction is to run and pee. Then the nurse called to talk about it, then I called the counselor to talk about it....yada, yada, yada. The poor kid is terrified that these whistle blowers are going to turn on him and he'll receive some awful punishment. So, we're dealing with that.....

Bella is doing great in pre-school! The teacher called her "the leader of the pack"...in a good way. That's a relief.

Trey is still getting physical therapy once a week and isthisclose to walking on his own!

I do have some posts in mind....
*Whoopi Goldberg saying that Roman Polanski didn't "rape rape" that 13 year old girl...
*The moms in Joe's homeroom who are hell bent on having a huge Halloween party for the class room even though it's not allowed and I have to be the one to tell them...

I know there's more, but I've become distracted listening to Bella watch Dora event though she knows she's not allowed....Hey! I could write a post about that!

All in due time! If you're bored, which if you're reading this I'm sure you are...head over to Renee's blog for a little Sisterhood!