Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

You're either Crossfit or you're not...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Agree with Oprah...what???

So, if I asked you if you would drive with a blood alcohol level of .08 (legally drunk), I would hope that you would twist your face into a look of confusion and slight disdain and say "Of course not! Duh!"...and if I refused to let the awkward conversation die, and asked you if you would drive with a BAL of .16 (twice the legal limit), I would hope that you would shake your head at me and say "What are you talking about???  No!"  It's ingrained in our brains that this is a dangerous practice, and responsible people take every action possible to avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Now I ask you...Do you talk on your cell phone while you drive?  Do you text while you drive?  Are your kids with you?

Miss Winfrey's show is on at 4:00 'round these here parts.  Strangely, that's the exact same time here that everyone under the age of 7 loses their mind.  Joe gets home from school, thinks he is withering from starvation and  has to do his homework.  Bella has to try to poke him or yank his t-shirt or interrupt him and Trey has to be unhappy with every toy ever invented and all of a sudden hate every snack in the house.  Not a good time to sit back and watch T.V.  Plus, kids can magically hear everything on the T.V. even if they're not looking directly at it.  So, I personally don't want to explain "Sex After 50" or "Why Men Cheat" or "The Secret" or "Mothers Behind Bars" or "Gail is Not My Girlfriend" to the kiddos. 

However, Oprah's show on Monday was all about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, so I DVR'd it and watched it later that night.  I regularly talk on my cell phone when I'm driving.  Not a ton, but for example, when I drop Joe off at school and head to the gym, I'll call Jay.  Then I'll call him again on the way home from the gym.  I don't call to chat with people while I'm driving, but I will answer the phone if someone calls me.  I am literally incapable of texting while I drive, believe me I've tried.  I have to be looking at the touch pad of the phone to be able to form words...and sometimes I'm convinced the T9 hates me. 

Anywho...the first half of Oprah's show featured horrifying stories of family members having been killed in car accidents caused by someone being distracted by their cell phone.  Oprah really went for the jugular on this one by starting with a mom and dad who's 9 year old daughter was riding her bike home and an SUV hit her head on.  All the woman driving could say was that she never even saw the little girl because she was distracted by her phone conversation.  At this point Jay looked over his computer at me and asked if I was trying to give myself nightmares.  The second half of the show was about the research that has gone into "Distracted Driving".  

Talking on a cell phone while driving is EQUIVALENT to driving with a BAL of .08!

Texting while driving is the EQUIVALENT of driving with a BAL of .16!!!

Seriously???  Aren't we a society of multi-taskers?  Aren't we constantly doing more than one thing at a time?  Apparently our brains are simply NOT capable of doing these two things (using a cell phone and driving) at the same time.  There is so much information that your brain needs to process for only one of these tasks that it cannot possibly do both.  Huh.  That pretty much changed my outlook on the whole topic.  I'll be okay not using my phone in the van. 

I then got this bee in  my bonnet about Pennsylvania having zero laws about cell phone use while driving.  Zero!  Does this state care nothing about us?  How does one make a law?  Who do I write to?  Legislature?  Local or state?  I need my Schoolhouse Rocks!!!  I asked Jay about it and we had a very educational (for me, at least) conversation.  Jay is a big fan of very little government intervention.  If PA creates a law banning all cell phone use, will the next step be no radio in the car?  No passengers?  Where is the line between eliminating danger and trusting people to be responsible?  Don't get me wrong.  Jay is more than open to the idea that cell phone use while driving is dangerous and not worth the risk.  However, he would like to see more studies than just the one that was featured on Oprah.  Further, he sees things in more colors than I do.  I like things to be black and white...right and wrong.  If there's a law against it, people won't do it.  Right?  Hmmm....there are plenty of severe laws against drug use, production of drugs, selling of drugs...but that doesn't stop some people from abusing, making or selling drugs.  The posted speed limit is a law, but that doesn't stop every person from speeding.  I'm starting to see his point...but, still!  Aren't the laws supposed to protect us?  Sure, but it takes a responsible person to apply the law.  Even if cell phone use was banned, some people would still think that they were the exception to the rule and able to handle talking and driving.  Ugh!  Turns out, Jay is right about a lot of stuff.

So, what's the solution?  Awareness (and maybe a law)!!!  Spread the word (and maybe a citation or two)!!!  I didn't know how dangerous talking and driving was until I saw the research on Oprah.  For once, Oprah and I agree!  I haven't talked on my cell phone while driving since watching the show.  Everyone has excuses about why they need to call someone while driving, but really?  What did we all do before cell phones?  We took care of our business before we were in the car or waited until we got where we were going.  That seemed to have worked for a several decades...

Will you stop talking on you cell phone while driving?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Word of the Year is....

I think I'm about to commit a "pick-a-word-for-your-year" no-no.  Now, in my defense, I do not recall reading any steadfast rules about picking such a word...if any rules exist.  Do they?

Anywho, for anyone unfamiliar with this sort of blogging right of passage...the challenge is to pick a word to focus on all year.  Something to work towards, reflect on, revel in or share with others.  Maybe your word motivates you to move in a new direction or inspires you to try new things.

I have seriously been struggling with thinking of this year's word.  I even busted out...ahem, excuse me, I meant to say 'employed the use of' a thesaurus to try to think up, spark, formulate an idea for a word.  Using the concordance of my Bible proved to be of no help either.  Don't get me wrong, I found a lot of good choices in there...gentle, genuine, grace (I promise that the alphabetical order is merely coincidental).  But something kept nagging at my brain!  One particular word could not be ignored!  I love it!

So, with already too much Word of 2010 is....

n. 1. a moving forward 2. development 3. improvement
vi. 1. to move forward 2. to advance toward a goal; develop or improve

Yes, this is the same word I chose last year.  But, I feel like I'm not done with it yet...or maybe it's not done with me.  Oooooh, deep.   Other words I considered often meant that I would need to make PROGRESS in an area of my life or a relationship or a goal.  So, there it stands!  My word is PROGRESS.

Have you thought of a word yet?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Favorite Day

Yes, I am STILL thinking/praying about what my word should be for this year.  I know, the clock is ticking.  I feel, though, that if I get it done while the calendar still reads January, I'll be good.

On a strictly frivolous note...What would your favorite weather day look like?  Here in Pittsburgh, it has FINALLY stopped snowing.  Just in time for the temperature to drop to single digits.  Last week, Joe had three 2 hour delays and school was canceled on Friday.  I know I shouldn't complain, Wednesday and Thursday should reach the mid 30's!  Needless to say, this would NOT be my favorite weather days.

My favorite weather day would be to wake up with the windows open to clear, cool skies.  Cool meaning 65 degrees and a slight breeze coming in the windows.  *I reserve the right to wake up, relish the breeze, roll over and go back to sleep.  Having 3 kids probably means I cannot invoke that right, but still...this is a fantasy day.*  I would like the late morning and afternoon to be hot and slightly overcast, but yet no threat of rain.  All that direct sunlight hurts my poor, wittle eyes...wah -wah-wah (that's supposed to be the sound of a sad trombone).  The evening and night should be hot, hot, hot!  I love going outside at night to play or walk or water the garden and not have to think about grabbing a sweatshirt.  No humidity, please!  Oy!  My hair!  Then somehow on this magical weather day, the temperature will drop 30 degrees to start all over the next morning.

How about you?  What would be your favorite type of weather day?

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Hungry!!!!

I'm hungry and I'm going to be a great big baby about it!

The gym that I go to, Crossfit Pittsburgh, initiated a sadistic scheme...uh, challenge for the new year.  The torture is called the Zoleo Challenge.  Anyone choosing to participate got measured (ugh!) and weighed (worse!) and did a baseline test that consisted of a 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups for time.  All of this info is written down in my Hello Kitty diary with a lock that no one can ever find, ever.  About a month from now, we'll take all the measurements and weight again and do the baseline test to see if any of the numbers improved.  (If they haven't, you can find me at Taco Bell)

The hard part is the new "eating plan".  It's a combination of The Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet.  The Zone, to me at least, is very complicated to understand at first.  I had to calculate (based on my math history, even typing the word "calculate" makes me twitch) how many "blocks" of protein I need to eat in a day to be "in the zone".  Based on that, I build my diet to include protein, carbs and fat in a balanced way.  The word paleo comes from paleolithic or cave man.  Yeah, that's right, cave man....meaning if a cave man could eat it, then it's good.  If not, it's out.  No dairy, no artificial sugar, no grains.  Paleo is strictly lean meats, fish, veggies and fruit.  That's it.  Zone allows for a little dairy and grain, but still no sugar.  There is no weird supplements or pills to take and on both diets, you're encouraged to eat way more than you do right now.  It's a very "clean" way of eating.

Today was my first foray into this eating style.  And today, I'm miserable.  I'm sure my body is going through some withdrawals...I have a strong affection for Snickerdoodles, cheese and salt (Not all mixed together, though.  That would be gross.)  Hopefully, I'll adjust to this new lifestyle soon...ya never know, maybe I'll even convince YOU to jump on this Zoleo bandwagon!  I'll keep you updated on results....

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of my Word for 2010, nursing my pneumonia stricken baby girl back to health, warding off all ear infections from my baby boy and gnawing on the coffee table.