Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy belated Birthday!!!!

It took a little detective work and a computer savvy husband (and by computer savvy, I mean that unlike me, he actually read the big window that kept popping up telling me that my photo program had expired instead of closing it every time then wondering why the program won't work) to get my pictures in working order. Thank you, Honey!!!

So, please enjoy a photo journey of our sweet, sweet baby Trey's first birthday celebration.
There was good food. All the guests were asked to bring their favorite pasta dish....yum!

Good family!

Good cake. Giant Eagle is known for their delicious cake and poor spelling...

Trey went to bed shortly after this cake go to sleep, not as some sort of cake smashing punishment. His early bed time worked out well for Joe and Bella who then got to open all of his presents.

Happy birthday, sweet baby!


Crafty P said...

YEAH TREY! I still can't believe they spelled Trey with an 'a'. brilliant folk there. love the pictures!

Courtney said...

I love the cake...too funny!
Happy Late BDAY!

Melissa823 said...

Giant Eagle messed up MY baby shower cake too. It was supposed to say "Welcome Baby Terebessy" After 4 times of spelling it to the person - we got the cake saying "Welcome Baby Tara Bessy"

Rebecca said...

Baby Trey is so cute! I'm so glad he had such a memorable and fun 1st birthday!

What a great idea to have everyone bring their favorite pasta dish! Sounds so yummy right now!