Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Season Six Is Here! Hello??!!!

Thanks for the clarification, Tyce Deorio. Welcome back to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dance! As we did with season 5 (congratulations, Jeanine!), every week one of the Sisters, plus a new brother, yeah Brain!!, will blog a recap of that weeks show. Most of the recap will pay homage to Cat Deeley and her awesome-ness. Please leave lots of comments and opinions! It's not a party until someone is offended, so speak your mind fellow SYTYCD watchers!

For any newcomers, here's how the show works. For the first few weeks, a panel of judges made up of regulars, Nigel and Mary, and one or two guest judges of esteemed dance caliber will watch seemingly endless auditions and pass worthy dancers through to Las Vegas. In Vegas the hopeful dancers will be dwindled down to the top 20. At that point, the performance show will be on Wednesday and Thursday (Cat Deeley's least favorite day) will be elimination for one girl and one guy...until one dancer is left standing.

Tonight, the premier featured dancers from L.A., the dance capitol of the world! Really? The world? Okay....The judges are Nigel, Mary and Adam Shankman, who we're pretty sure smokes a lotta wacky tobaccy...but without solid evidence, we'll let that slide.

The first to audition was Cole. Cole did not use music, but instead chose an extremely sensitive microphone to pick up the sound of his rustling clothes and weird utterances as his music. Not a good start....

However, a bunch of wildly talented contemporary dancers were passed through to Vegas. Next, they featured 2 tappers...Ryan (Evan from season 5's brother) and Bianca (she was cut from season 4 & 5 in the Vegas rounds). Did Bianca even audition? All I saw was an awesome "Trading" session between her and Ryan. Trading is the tapping equivalent of a duel at high noon. Way cool!

The guy who wants to be a movie producer was a total train wreck and I think too much time and editing equipment was used on him. I think this sentence was too much time spent on him. Moving on...

Day two brought a lot of talent as well....Featured was contemporary dancer Amber and Salsa dancer Christina. And ANOTHER tapper, Phillip! He was great...I so hope he can do other genres well.

I appreciate that they did not exploit horrible dancers too much...just bits and pieces to keep you interested and a funny "fall sequence" at the beginning of the show. Aside from a few awkward transitions, the show was fab.u.lous. Not enough Cat Deeley, though.

Tune in tomorrow for a recap of the Arizona auditions. I can't wait! The same sex ballroom dancers are baaaack!

****Now I feel silly! I totally thought that the show was on again tonight (Thursday)...but, unless I'm confusing SYTYCD with Bones, we'll have to wait for next week to see the Arizona auditions. Courtney will be handling that recap. See ya next week!****


Crafty P said...

good recap Rachel and WELCOME BACK TO SYTYCD!!!!

I agree, great editing on this one with more positive than negative auditions- I appreciated that thoroughly.

Kept looking at Cat in that Grecian style toga dress thinking, hasn't she worn that before... like really recently? ANd then I figured it out, that was finale night that they taped that promo, huh? She's amazing and I second the fact that there was not enough Cat.

Off to Phoenix!

Megan said...

It was fun to see the beautiful Cat again. I love the Shankman as a judge, I hope he's around more this season!

I was missing the hip hoppers and ballroom dancers, we only saw that one Salsa girl.

Also, did anyone else notice the lack of a choreography round? We just saw people go straight to Vegas. Are they changing the format? It was weird, it seemed the same, yet different.

Either way, I was excited to have our favorite show back!

renee said...

can't believe i'm FINALLY commenting!!! i FINALLY sat down to watch the rest of the auditions and now can fully comment :)

really love how amazing the tappers were - would love to see BOTH guy tappers make it (ryan and his friend who danced with him in fosse - loved him) to the top 20 - just to add variety to the show. they could bring in an awesome choreographer for those 2 (although no one else could really partake if they don't tap) :)

loved the salsa dancer... loved the contemporary dancer in the bright yellow with the short hair...

looking forward to more auditions! thanks for the great recap rachel!!

Brian Parsons said...

Alright ... who let the guy in the room? I am an expert in dance ... in that I've watched my old high school's dance company (where I used to teach, not back when I was in high school) perform like 5 times. So I'm bringing the heat.

This may be season six for you but it's definitely season one for me and I. Am. Excited.

Although when the first guy I see is Cole and his postmodern interpretation of glass all I hear is SHATTER SHATTER SHATTER of my brain and wonder what I've gotten myself involved with.

Thank Gawd for little mormon Molly and her furniture free apartment to save the day. Good news for her ... if she doesn't make it as a dancer on the show, she can stay in Vegas as a "dancer."

My personal highlight of the show: Those delicious yellow short shorts some clown wore (and I agree w/ Rachel ... less emphasis on the terrible dancers is a good thing ... I hate when Idol does it, only encourages worse train wrecks to "top" the previous dregs)

My personal lowlight of the show: Too much tap. I know I'm ignorant but I equate tap with 6-year-old pageant kids with WAY too much make-up and WAY too much therapy needed later in life.

Rachel said...

Way to get into the mix, Brian! I thought there was NOT ENOUGH tap! Loved it! It's so West Side Story...bad boys and dirty girls....very much the opposite of pageant kids. I hope! We'll have to see where these tappers take us.

What was up with NO hip hoppers or lockers??? Bring back the Crunk!

Crafty P said...

Maybe the crunk will appear as we move further east... that left coast is all about contemporary dancers.

Welcome Brian!

Megan said...

I LOVED the tap! I thought Ryan's audition was just awesome - if he doesn't make top 20 I'll be pissed!