Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 20!!! And a new creepy bald judge...

This is it, you guys! The Top 20 that's going to blow all the other seasons out of the water! First things first, though. I have a few housekeeping issues to discuss before getting to the big reveal.

I need to know the time line between Vegas week and Hollywood....a week, a month, what? Hair has grown (or been shaved), judges have forgotten the dancers, ankles have healed. What gives?

Once again, not enough Cat with her sparkly shoulder pads....

And, maybe this is part of the dance community that I don't get have never been invited to such a soiree...but why, oh why are all the dancers either so excited for the dancers that make it through and so utterly outraged for those who don't succeed? That person either took your place or saved you a place! I'd love to see just once, a dancer in the background looking really mad ticking numbers off his fingers! Anywho....

So, the judges for Hollywood are Nigel, Mary, Adam, Debbie, some creepy bald guy, and Tyce.

Here are your Season 6 results!
1. Nate - the baby faced rule breaker. He's a YES! Mia wants to be a part of his growth...not hair growth, per se...
2. nameless guy-NO
3. nameless guy-NO
4. nameless girl- NO
Though, the judges did give them words of encouragement while kicking them in the nuts. So that's nice.
5. David and his yellow submarine (you know what I mean!) NO!!! What???
6. Catherine who made it this far with no camera time at all and a voice that gets higher and higher and higher as she cries - YES!!
7. Channing the tomboy- YES!
8. Arianna- YES!
9. Elena- YES!
Now there's a break to celebrate Noelle and Mollee's budding relationship
10. Billy Bell- Juliard Shmuliard! He's a YES! Debbie wins for the most awkward reveal tease of the night!
11. Jake-NO
12. Brandon-NO
13. Amber- NO! Apparently exquisite talent is not quite enough...
14. Russell- the krumper with secret talent and stretch pants is a YES! According to Mia she's banking on Russell because a lot of things have not gone her way recently, including her last trip to the salon.
15. Kevin - hip hop guy is a YES!
Legacy is seen looking for the door at this point...
Ooooh, now for a Tapping Trio....
16. Bianca - YES! She has got to work on her cry face! I swear she was going to throw up every time she cried!
17. Phillip- YES!
18. Peter - YES!
Legacy is seen fashioning a noose out of Mia's hair...
19. nameless guy - NO
20. nameless girl - NO
21. nameless girl - NO
22. nameless girl - NO
23. nameless girl - NO
24. Victor, who we feel is this years Kupono is a YES!
25. Jacob - YES!
Billy Bell is seen wearing Legacy's clothes...
26. Mollee - YES! Will her newest and bestest friend ever make it through???
27. Pauline - YES! Let's not let a little thing like not finishing Vegas week stop the judges from putting her through....can we see the ankle injury clip again?
28. Noelle - YES! Did anyone else notice that when Mollee was hanging from her, no one else came over to congratulate them?
29. nameless guy - NO
30. nameless guy - NO
31. nameless girl - NO
32. nameless girl - NO
33. Legacy - YES!!!! Tyce even said "Gotcha!!! And what I meant by that is, Will you date me?"
34. Paula - YES!
Uh oh....we're down to the last 2 guys and girls....
35. Ryan - The better of the two, married guy - YES!
36. Gene - the hottie batottie??? with bedazzled jeans - NO
37. Karen - YES!
38. Ashley - The lesser of the two, married gal...NO. Wait! What? She's in??? Oh, that's right, Paula had to turn down the offer...go ahead a wipe your tears with your movie contract, Paula. We've got a married couple on the show!

That's it folks! It may not have been a minute by minute recap, but that's all I got! Courtney's up for next week.

Sorry if I seemed a little harsh on Mia, but since she's not going to be on the show anymore...she's dead to me. Not really!!! I love her! Come back, Mia, come back!!! Don't go! I'm going to miss her weird swearing and squinting. Oh well, I still have the Shankman.


Courtney said...

Great post Rachel, but fantastic skills aren't enough. You need to learn to draw readers in emotionally..... Unfortunately, well unfortunately um...uh.....WE LOVE YOU and can't wait to be a part of your growth!!!

Just teasing- You know you're always in MY top 20! And man do I hate an awkward fake-suspense announcement from the judges. For real, Debbie Allen's was the worst. And in general I didn't feel like there was that much nail biting going on during this episode. It pretty much went along "party lines": Anyone you recognized= IN, Anyone you didn't=Out.

But- I'm excited to see a lot of these people, and glad that I'm already familiar with them. Last top 20 was a little too Stranger Danger for my taste. This time we start off already knowing a bit about everyone which will make it more fun to watch. Plus I think they made an effort to mix up the genres so it's not an endless sea of contemporary dancers (although labeling about 5 of them "jazz" seems like splitting hairs). Three tappers might be a bit much, but they won't all make the tour (or WILL they??!) and I'm grateful to have some hip hop back in the mix (and Krump! this show is so BUCK!)

All that said, I could have done without the fifteen minutes of BFFAEAE (and ever and ever) montages. We get it Molly, you love the ladies (and SJP's rejected outfits from Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun). More dance less skipping and holding hands!

As the weeks go on, I'll pick apart the rest of the dancers individually. First on my list is The Great Mormon Pumpkin (otherwise known as Ashleigh). She got a pity spot and I don't like it....

What about you guys? Are you excited!?!?! Do you have a favorite yet?!?! Did any of the picks surprise you?!!? Did you shave your head to look just like our hero(ine) Mia?! Spill.......

renee said...

ahhhh hahahahaha!! can we please get rachel and courtney a contract with "blogs who summarize reality shows?" or maybe even... a reality show in general? you two are HILarious.

loved last night's show! love the top 20! sorta kinda wish the ballet dancer yellow submarine guy made it just to add even more variety... but whatever. it's a great top 20. i never thought all 3 tappers would make it in...but should be interesting with the tappers, the krumper/hip hoppers, and the nice blend they seem to have.
i too thought about "are they ever mad that another person may have just stole their spot in top 20?" (rachael you wrote most of my thoughts!)... overall it was cute that they were all supportive of each other and seemed to be buddy-buddy (WAAAY too much holding hands, skipping, making out? with molly and noelle - they are a little "much.").

oh my gosh, catherine's voice was RIDICULOUS as she started crying! i thought it was cute maybe the first time. then i just started laughing every time she cried!

mia's hair!!!! no likey likey!! i was actually digging her hair during some of the auditions... what happened?? don't understand why she's leaving us!! are they going to make an announcement on the show at some point? knowing nigel, he will.

loved that i feel like i know the top 20 better than i ever have in previous seasons!!

Hannah said...

Really - Mia's not coming back? I must've missed that. I'll be a-okay without her. I'm not sure what creeps me out about her more - her new shaved hair or her right WEIRD eyebrow! Did no one else notice this? I couldn't NOT look at it.

Crafty P said...

When I saw Mia and her lack of hair, I was like, WUH-AT UP, MIA? I don't get it, but what evs.

So I was elated to finally find out the top 20 this week! Seems like a really neat group! Love Eleanore- she did that really witty solo back in Vegas, so cool. The teenie tie gal with the ankle the size of a softball is also super cute. Glad Nathan got in and Billy Bell.

I really had a feeling when Pauline was standing up there that something was up. I just felt it. Ashley is my least fave member of the group. SOmething about her that just says, eh.

I don't really get the whole Molly dances like a 14-15 yr old thing. I like her and think she'll be rather popular on the show.

Glad to see tap, hip-hop and krump representin' this season! awesome!

Rachel, you crack me up with your synopsis- good job and thanks for keeping it real and entertaining, too.

Courtney, you, my friend, are seriously funny. oh my goodness. I love that you nicknamed Ashleigh the Great Mormon Pumpkin. oh my goodness. I can't stop LOL-ing. oh my.

Crafty P said...

Hannah- good call on the eyebrow, it is a bit arched, isnt' it?

Megan said...

Looks like a fun, more diverse top 20! I was just soooo pulling for Russell to make it in and even though it seemed like a given, I really wasn't sure since last seasons surprise cuts at the end had me feeling unsure. Perhaps they are learning that we don't like to be messed with? Apparently not b/c they still do the annoying fake out. Hear that Nigel - we ALL hate it!

I thought Catherine with the high pitch cry was cute/funny. Mostly because she "called it" before it happened and it's probably something she's been told a million times and really can't help it. Because, seriously, if you COULD help it, would you really want to do that in front of millions of people?

I have to say the only one I'm NOT feeling is Mollee (ok, te double ee is annoying!). I agreed with the judges, she seems to young and immature and I think I'm not going to like her doing some of the more "mature" (aka, sleezy) dances. Picture her in Calle Ocho? Just not feeling it. I'll try to keep an open mind to her though. For now, slightly annoyed and not excited.

Don't really like fake Ashleigh. I don't think America will either, but the judges will keep her around longer than they should.

Love the recap Rachel, short but sweet!

Any guesses on what happened to Mia? Why is she leaving? Definitely something going on...

parsons said...

Man ... come in late and all you get are the scraps. Rachel, excellent job summarizing a show that featured no dancing. I would've hated having to write about this one, but "you killed it" girl.

I'm a bit scared to bag on Mia b/c my fear is that hairstyle is "chemo-esque" or some sort of disease reason and that's why she has to take a leave of absence too. I hope I'm dead wrong but that's my original thought.

I'm totally with you on the "how fake can they react to news" ... i was even going to mention it. I would definitely be the guy in the corner keeping count with my hands.

I'm pumped my boy Russell made it ... I will be pulling for him to win. I feel like he and Nate are the only two guys who had any sort of charisma that made me like them even w/o dancing.

Mollee is ridiculous. I think the judges realized they made a mistake on her maturity as she skipped through the lights on the way off the stage. I used to be in her camp but this week changed things. Stay away from my man Russell you weirdo.

Mormon Pumpkin ... best line of the day. That girl BOTHERS me. She just seems off. I was excited to not have her on the show. Oh well.

Crafty P said...

So, I'm out there on a limb with Mollee (didn't realize the ridiculous double "ee" on that). I like her, guys. I don't think she'll win, but I think she's sweet.

Just to recap, I liked Jeanine way back when and pulled for her THE ENTIRE SPRING SEASON. she won. I'm not saying Mollee's going to be the next jeanine, but she's got spunk and talent. I'm just sayin'.

Rachel said...

I think I'm leaning toward the side of Mollee is too immature for those sexy her infatuation with Noelle???? Plus, she has stubby fingers with bitten down nails and that just bothers me. Wait and see, wait and see. I don't love the mormon pumpkin either, there's something fake about her alright!

Hannah said...

I think Mollee is cute, but there is a child-likeness that is somewhat annoying. I wanted her in the top 20 because I still think she's cute, she's definitely a good dancer, and I think she'll be fun to watch!

So I googled about Mia - my first thought when I saw the new haircut was that maybe she had cancer and I just didn't know. And I didn't put the pieces together when you said she was leaving the show, but google had a lot of things saying that cancer might really be why she's leaving. It's all still speculation at this point. How about that?!! Rachel - how did you know she was leaving the show? Did they make some kind of announcement during the show that I just fast-forwarded through? Now I've got to get to the bottom of this...

Rachel said...

Megan read an article online and forwarded it to all the "Sisters" about Mia leaving the show. Though, it did not say why. I surely hope she's not sick. If she is, then I'm a jerk. I assumed she was just persuing other venues or whatever it is choreographers do. We'll have to find out more....

Amy said...

wait, where is mia going? why isn't she going to be on the show? I am in love with the baby face boy #1 and the effeminate but amazing dancer that went to julliard.