Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching My Breath!!!!

Whew!  So, it's been about 700 days since I posted anything...or at least it feels like it's been that long.  As of my last post, there were many things to be done and the minutes were slipping from my fingers...much like an ornament in Baby Trey's hands.  (We lost about 7 balls from the tree and a "Cookies For Santa" plate so far this Christmas season.  I've become quite adroit at handling a whisk broom, dust pan and paper bag) 

While this season has been filled with a good kind of business, we've had a few tough moments...two people dear to us went to be with Lord, Trey is on his third round of antibiotics this month for a nasty ear infection and someone broke into Jay's car and stole the Wii games he had bought for the kids.  But, we shall not say "Bah Humbug!"...instead, I will share some pictures of the fun we have had!  *And, our fun isn't over yet!  We still have a family luncheon, New Years and a trip to Ohio!*

This picture is from an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party!  How fun is that?

This is the Christmas card picture that I found in the eleventh hour and sent off to Walgreen's!

This is the craft that I finally settled on for Joe's non-Christmas Winter Party at school!
We totally missed the whole blog world "Sharing Christmas" thing, which I really wanted to do, but couldn't squeeze in a post and was not super satisfied with our modified decorating this year due to a mobile baby!  But, here are a few of my favorite things...

Notice the lack of ornaments at the bottom of the tree???

This Santa is about 35 years old and I just think he's super cool.

 Christmas morning!

Where else besides the kitchen do you ride you cool new bike from Uncle Doug and Aunt Jackie?

And, even though he's been sick, sick, sick...Baby Trey has made time to practice carrying things under his chin like his brother's dirty socks.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!


Crafty P said...

Rachel, you totally missed telling me about the stolen wii game! that stinks!
max was looking for you Sunday morning.... did you tell him you'd be there? he said you did! ha!

I think you did an excellent job sharing christmas- now, head on over to megan's and link up, girl!

can't wait to get new jeans with you....;)

Happy said...

That totally stinks about the Wii guys are way cooler about it than I would be.

Your house looks quite lovely decked out in its holiday attire! Beautiful!

Love the Spiderman outfit. Must get one for Noah as he has discovered the vast world of Spiderman and underwear just aren't enough.

Hope Baby Trey feels better soon and I could totally use some new jeans...I'm still sporting (gulp) a pair of my maternity jeans....

Renee said...

hi rachel!!! i'm catching up on some blog reading myself (err... but now i have to go watch "the bachelor"... my guilty pleasure show - oh man, by the way, if you and courtney watch that you would do one heck of a job recapping and it would be HILARIOUS!)
anyway, thought i would come by to say hello since i've been completely GONE from the SYTYCD recaps - so sorry by the way. i'm sure i'll be much more with it next season!
you have a gorgeous family (and YOU are just beautiful beautiful!), beautifully decorated home, and i hope you all had a very merry Christas! Happy New Year! :)

melodyofamom said...

You have a beautiful family, a lovely home, and I LOVE that sweater. ;0)

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