Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still The Reigning Queen of Crafts!

Oh wait!  Did you think I was talking about myself?  Hardly!  Of course I was tipping my hat to Her Crafting Majesty, the Crafty Pumpkin.  Her crafting knows no bounds and she seems to have anything crafty that you may or may not need.  Ribbon? you want it with or without wire?  Adhesive?  Tape (single or double sided), glue (hot or cold), acid filled or free.  Paper?  How much time do you have?  Seriously!  The girl can create scrapbooks, gifts, games all during nap time.

Recently, she posted 2 craft ideas and I thought I'd throw my glue gun into the ring (or hand woven basket) and try.  Both were appropriate for teacher gifts and since the end of the school year was upon us, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I, myself, am not typically a craft self starter.  Buying something made to look like I spent hours toiling over it is much more my style.  It's not that I can't create crafty things...I'm actually very good at following directions.  I've conquered many the Ikea furniture pieces!  The more cam screws the better!  But that's almost the problem here.  Crafty P can take a pile of stuff and make something terrific out of it and explain it in 4 steps...I require 472 directions to complete any project.  I think by the 6th phone call and 24th text from Michael's and Jo-Ann's, Crafty was ready to finish the projects for me.

Without further's a photo tour of the craftiness.  If you would like more in depth directions, I'll be happy to email you a 7 page, bullet point Word document.
Here's Bella and Joe painting little ceramic pots with watered down white paint which were then wiped with a paper towel to give them a weathered look.
Then we have Bella counting out Kisses for each bag and Joe signing his name for his teachers' tags.
Here's one of Bella's finished tags...
For this next project, children were not permitted to any way.
This crayon letter project was for Joe's classroom teacher and it surely tested every one of my needs for perfection, symmetry and neatness.  
But, all the teachers loved their gifts and I would happily do these crafts again in the future.  In some small recess of my mind, though, I kinda hope Crafty P doesn't come up with any more fabulous ideas.  She can rest assured knowing that she can hang onto her (handmade, of course) crown of craftiness.


Courtney said...

Oooh what fun! Love the crayon letter....such a good idea, and looks simple (kinda) to do. Diz is the queen indeed, but you might be working your way up to princess!

Crafty P said...

Seriously, what love and adoration. Thanks for the good words my dear. Your crafts turned out SUPER FAB! I'm so amazed at your creative ingenuity- seriously wouldn't have thought to do that with the crayon "C"!
I was not going to finish those for you either- you did an amazing job. I had another friend make the crayon letter too! I love that you even found similiar polka dotted ribbon! love it!