Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did you know???

Did you ever hear the phrase "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"?  I bet you have...but, did you know that's not the actual definition of insanity?  Nope, it's not.  And believe me, I  looked it up like a million times. 

Good ol' Albert Einstein thought up that quote.

Anywho, even if it's not the real meaning, I appreciate it and apply it to our home office.  Our office used to be our unused garage and I'm very thankful for the hard work and man power and hours that went into converting it into a finished room complete with a doorway into the living room.  (Ask Jay about getting to use a concrete saw...I think he thinks he became a man that day.)  However, this office has also been a thorn in my side.  It's constantly cluttered, overflowing with all the things we don't want to the kids to touch or play with barricaded by a baby gate...It's floor to ceiling with my dust covered scrapbook supplies, countless books, bills (of both the paid and yet-to-be kind),framed pictures with no where to hang, memorabilia of yore...Don't forget the computer, printer and the desk that holds it all, too.  My organization skills fail to exist in here.  I'm stuck in a void where plastic bins can't save me and file folders mock me.  The source of the problem eludes me.

So, every few months, I clean the living ink out of this room and make empty promises that "This time will be different!"...then a few months later, I clean, then a few months later, I you see my insanity?  To keep cleaning the office is not going to solve the problem.  The room is set up to fail. 

All that being said, we are making some major changes in this room.  Not just surface cleaning, but actual go through the drawers and throw away the 10 year old gas bills and receipt for a dryer that's been gone for 5 years kind of cleaning.  I'm rearranging furniture, too!  It would've helped if I had remembered that I anchored the bookshelf to the wall before I tried to move it.  I seriously thought I was trapped in a Twilight Zone episode...

So, please excuse me temporarily while I get this room in order!  I'll be back soon!

p.s. Trunk or Treat went great!  The kids had fun, no one was shaking in fear and there's plenty o'chocolate for Momma!  I'll post pics soon!

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Courtney said...

ugh. I totally know how you feel....I have that exact same room! Good luck, and then come on over to my house to do it again?