Monday, October 17, 2011

Funny Business

Parenting can be hard.  Days like today are long.  Trey started another round of chemo, which means a long morning/afternoon at the hospital.  Later, he threw up all over the carpet in the basement.  Bella knocked the new tube of toothpaste into the toilet at bedtime.  Joe gave me an elbow to the nose.  Yada, yada, yada...BUT!!!  There are parenting moments that make Jay and I laugh wholeheartedly.
 Yes, Bella fell asleep for several hours last night with a quilt, another blanket and her Taggy blanket shoved under her sleep shirt.  Fearing that she would wake up in a sweaty panic exactly 45 minutes after we fell into a deep sleep, we woke her to remove the blankets.  Between giggles, we asked her why she did that.  Her reply?  "I wanted to look fat."  Okay, Bella, whatever.  Parenting can be hard.  Being a parent can be hilarious.


Renee said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS, rachel, my son nolan does the SAME thing!!! it's like they are made to be friends somehow.

i just busted out laughing b/c seriously, every now and then nolan stuffs his outfits with blankets and pillows and says he's playing "fat." it's got to the point where he tries to hide it from us b/c we snicker so much and i think he's embarrassed. so now i act like it's no big deal (although he hasn't done this in at least a month, but still...)

one time when catherine (megan's little girl) came over, i heard them talking about something and asked what was up and she's like, "um, nay nay? nolan wants to play 'fat' and i don't want to."

haha!!! sorry for the long comment, just had to share this moment with you :)

praying for you guys always. i have been terrible at reading up on friends' blogs b/c i blog so sporadic but i'm planning on getting better. always receive your updates on trey though and he's always in my prayers. you guys are amazing.

Courtney said...

If I ever snorted when I would be now.

Happy said...

What a cutie, even when she's looking "fat."

Hilarity to add some levity to a hard day is always appreciated over here too!

Crafty P said...

I love looking in on the kids while they're sleeping. You just never know what position or WHERE you'll find them. I still giggle about the time Max rolled off the bed wrapped completely in his sheet like a cocoon. oh. my. hilarious.

one of my kids used to do this... which one? will have to consult the "brain" on that one.

Jennifer said...

Oh so funny!!! I'd type more, but I'm laughing too hard!