Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Please Check!!!

Two years ago today, little Tiggy lost his life when a huge, heavy dresser fell on him.  I simply cannot fathom the horror, sadness, grief that his family has had to trudge through.  I remember reading about the accident back then and springing into action.  I know we anchored most of the furniture once we had kids, but I may have rearranged some things and not bothered to secure pieces to the walls. 

Twice in our house, little boys have tried to climb the dresser drawers like steps to reach something on the top.  Both times, the anchors caught the furniture before anyone got hurt.  The drawers, I remember, still slid out, everything on top of the dresser fell off and my heart stopped beating briefly, but still.  It takes seriously a few minutes to install the safety kits, plus they're not expensive.  I'll install them for you if you need help!

Dana, Tiggy's mom, is an amazing writer!  Hop over HERE to read about how she and her family are turning a tragedy into positive action...right after you go check your furniture.  Please and thank you.

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