Wednesday, June 5, 2013

B is for Bella!!!

I suppose I could have waited for the letter "I" to write about Isabella, but she just finished her first dance recital and I couldn't wait that long!  I'll just have to blog about ice or igloos or itchy iguanas...

Bella has been taking a hip hop class every week since September and they started practicing their recital routine in earnest in January.  Bella's dance history is not very long...a few summer classes, but that's it.  She has been so excited for this recital since day one!  Every detail made her happy..the practice, the costume, the rehearsal, everything!  She definitely takes after her father when it comes to dance.  All I can do is embarrass those standing around me with my "humpty leg" and "running man".  If you're lucky enough to have been friends with me for the last 20 plus years, you've seen my own creation "the big rig".  It's a classic.

Bella has already told me that (in addition to taking up the cello) she will be taking ballet, hip hop, tap and jazz.  Ummmm, baby guuurl better get J.O.B. Those costumes are no joke.  Though, I love her enthusiasm and excitement for dance.  I never got to take any kind of class as a kid, so it feels good to be able to give that to Bella and watch her grow in it.

During the rehearsal and two performances, the audience cheered during the routine and Bella's face absolutely lit up.  She loved the attention and it energized her. 

Here's some pics I snapped...

I took over 350 pictures, so this truly is a small sampling!  Now, is there a way we can make the recitals LESS than 3 1/2 hours long?  Please?


Crafty P said...

she looks SO grown up! I hope it was air conditioned. if there's one thing I recall from the countless recitals I performed in was the LACK of A/C! belch

great pics, mama!

Rachel said...

Thanks! And, yes! The auditorium was air conditioned! But, that still didn't help with how long the performance was.

Courtney said...

Oh man....I cannot WAIT for my girls to start dancin' it up. Please promise you will teach them the big rig? (Unless it's dirty. Then promise you won't....)

Yaya Bella! What a fun experience for her. I need to see the video! (or a reenactment!)