Saturday, April 11, 2009

How big is a cocktail napkin?

So, Courtney "tagged" me with this little challenge. An idea pilfered from a Glamour magazine article; could I summarize my successful life in 100 words or less? Can it all fit on a cocktail napkin? What defines success? Clearly, none of my fashion ideas have materialized on the red carpet, my demo albums have failed to get picked up by a label (by demo album, I mean singing into the duel cassette tape player), and the President has yet to take ANY of my advice. So, am I not successful? I believe it to be all relative......

But getting the words out is hard for me! Should it be funny and clever? Serious and introspective? Hmmmmm......Let's see....

Mid-summer's night baby.
Scrappy kid. Little girl lost.
Look at me! But not too closely, please!
Jesus said to her "Talitha Koum!" (Mark 5:41)
Heart for Christ, mind for the world.
Trying to "run in such a way as to get the prize" (1 Co 9:24)
but often running in the wrong direction.
Delerious in love, engagement, marriage.
Hubby is my first roomate!
God, family, work, Young Life.
Baby, baby, baby!
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a successful woman because
I am a heart in progress.

Well, kids, there you have it. I'm going to go ahead and tag some folks to share their stories. Feel free to add it to my comment section or make a post of your own and keep tagging others.....pretty interesting. So let's here it Diz, Rebecca, Megan, and of course Jay.

AND, Happy Easter!


Crafty P said...

so good! this will definitely take some time to think about.

REJOICE! He is Risen indeed! REJOICE!

Courtney said...

Yours is so deep and spiritual....I love it! Thanks for sharing. And Happy Easter!

Hannah said...

Okay, I swore I was not going to do this since I knew it was something I would spend too much time on (just like Facebook), but I thought I'd just write some things down real quick and see what I came up with... and low and behold - it was 100 words exactly. So here it is...

Born into a happy family on a farm
Loved my outdoors, cats, dogs, horses, sheep... everything!
Sunday school, church, Sunday school, church – boring.
Young Life camp – got it!
Sweet Sixteen – moved, devastated
High school – friends and fun
Next? College – Grove City of course!
Not accepted, not accepted... Confused?
Work crew – peace
July phone call – Grove City here I come!
North Carolina? Bye family :(
What now? Must be YL... but scared. But okay!
Penn Hills, Riverview, WyldLife, Churches, Penn Trafford...
Where did my 20’s go? But so worth it...
Well, hello Trigger :)
New life... so excited... God’s always faithful!

Rachel said...

Yeah for you, Hannah! I love it!

Thanks Diz & Courtney!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful 100 words Rachel!!!!!!!

This will certainly take some thought...I tend to think forever before getting things done...but I will do it!

I love yours, though.

Love it. I love that you're a heart in progress...aren't we all?