Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

Woof! I feel like this past month has been a whirlwind of...just stuff! So, I apologize for the lack of postings, but seriously it's a half-hearted offer because I'm so tired right now....

Not that you're all truly interested in my mundane rantings, but I thought it might benefit me to have all these random things cataloged and out of my brain. Let's go back, shall we?

Here we have Hannah's bridal shower, which went swimmingly...and left her with only a few things to be returned (one should rarely deviate from the registry!)

Moving on....Our house is finally healthy after a month of unrelated illnesses. One day a kid could be coughing and sneezing....the next day someone else is throwing up. You never know what you're gonna get over here!

Everyone has been busy, busy, busy!

Trey was working very hard at developing a lovely diaper rash that could bring a grown man to his knees. In the past, for severe diaper rash, we have gotten Triple Paste which works wonders! However, it is fairly expensive and has to be specially ordered from the pharmacy because it's too expensive to keep in stock. So we asked around for opinions...and, of course, if you ask 30 different people, you'll get 30 different suggestions. After wading through all the remedies, 2 kept popping up. Baby Powder with Corn Starch and (shudder) Butt Paste. I have not used these products before for very specific reasons.

A super long time ago, I read an article about a little boy who aspirated and died after "playing" with and inhaling baby powder. Since then, all powders have been banned from the house. I think someone gave us baby powder as a shower gift for Joe...I still have it locked in the linen closet.
And I never used Butt Paste...because of the name! I hate it! Why would you call a product that??? I get the point, but really??? Bum Paste, Tushie Paste, Cheeker Paste? All better options to me!
I can hear some of your eyes rolling...
We did get both products, though and his rash is gone....and the powder is locked up and the Paste is now referred to as The-Paste-That-Shant-Be-Named.

Trey also started his physical therapy. He has low muscle tone and needs some work to catch up to other kids his age. After one session, he's already showing improvements!

The biggest development for him has been....HIS FIRST HAIRCUT! I cried a little.

Bella has been busy keeping up with the rest of us. She has been the most sick out of all of us...but she persevered.

Joe has had his hands quite full. He started baseball!!! On a real team and everything! I have no pictures of this because the only practice I went to, it was 45 degrees...and raining...and I had gone to the wrong field first. I did get a cool picture on my phone of a double rainbow...but surely I cannot get that picture from there to here.

He also participated in the school district's Science Fair...and won 3rd place for Kindergarten! It sounds really impressive when you think that in the district there are about 400 kindergartener's...only about 15 actually participated in the Fair. So, it's still very impressive and he was so proud!

Oh yeah...and Easter? We completely missed Easter! By missed Easter, I church( it's okay though, He is still risen without us there) no dying Easter eggs, no family dinner! The kids were all too sick to leave the house. So, if you were expecting pictures of cute angel babies wearing their Easter suits....forget it. They sorta enjoyed their baskets ( I just realized today that they never opened the eggs to find the chocolate), and Jay did a WONDERFUL job making an egg hunt in the front yard for after nap time.

I, myself have conquered the Kipping pull-up and can do three in a row! And the bridesmaid dress that I ordered too small, fits like a glove!

I'm sure there's what's Jay been up to??? But, that's all (and I use the term loosely) for now!


Crafty P said...

wow, wow and wow.
interesting about the powder. we just recently started using it (as in the past 6 months). I too had a bottle of it since Gabriel's birth and had never used it, but now the twin's INSIST upon it being shaken onto their CHEEKERS each time I change them!
As for the "cream that shall not be named" - you're too much. We've used it all and still LOVE triple paste. Last time I was there I invested in a TUB of it. too many tushies to take care of over here without it!

Crafty P said...

where are my manners? Congrats on your pull ups you STRONG woman you! And awesome job getting into the dress! Can't wait to see pictures!

Melissa823 said...

We have something at home called Monkey Butt Powder--it combines your two gross items I think :) I am also in fear of all powders and baby oils as well for the same reason!

I nearly laughed out loud at "cheeker paste" Ha!

Congrats on your pull up. I like to say I can do them, but am too scared to try!

Rebecca said...

Look at how cute little Trey is! I love the before and after picture...isn't all that hair the latest style for boys? Turn on the Disney channel after the cartoons are done and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Trey's sweet...did you save any?

Is that weird that I would ask if you saved his hair?


Regarding the butt paste baby powder issues...

I use corn starch cause my grandma told me to and grandma had eight babies and how can I say no to that? I use it in conjunction with Bag know the stuff in the green tin square? It's wonderful. Works like a charm.

I've used butt paste (you have no idea how badly I just want to repeatedly type butt paste...) and triple paste and balmex.

I like the bag balm/corn starch combo.

Now, I'm a little worried about the whole aspiration thing though. Will this happen before or after we run into a pedophile at the mall play area???? :)

Just teasing. But really...what's up with the aspiration thing? I know nothing of this issue.

I feel like a deadbeat mother now.....

Megan said...

You are so awesome - great job on the pull ups and bridesmaid dress!

Glad to hear you are all feeling healthy again.

I never used powder when the girls were little little, but at one point Catherine started requesting "pow pow" and it did help her to smell extra fresh so I ended up using it with her. I do remember just giving a little shake shake down her diaper when she stood up after getting changed - that was my method to keep the powder away from her lungs!

Love the baby pics - he looks like a little Elijah Wood.