Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

Yes, today the classic show celebrates it's 40th year!  It's hard to think that when I was but a wee one, the show was only in it's first decade!  Yikes!  Thank goodness we've both come a long way!

For a sweet stroll down memory lane, check out Courtney's tribute to the show.  Share a favorite memory!  You know you have one.


Crafty P said...

saw a huge compilation book of Sesame Street photos, history, etc at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Looked awesome!

I love Sesame Street, but I love Fred Rogers even more- his show is only on ONCE a week now!

Dionna said...

Love, love, love Sesame Street. Grover's "near and far" segment and there was one of a baby rockin out in her crib that I used to love. I have a Sesame Street playhouse still from when I was a kid. :)