Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Ruin Roasted Pumpkin Seeds....Twice

Here is the perfect recipe for ruining 4 pumpkins worth of seeds.  Pay attention to the details...I mean if you mess this up, you may end up with edible roasted seeds.  And who wants that?

Step One: Give the seeds to me.  You're more than a third of the way to the end results.

Step Two: Enlist the help of much younger and inexperienced chefs.  Ones who require a step stool to reach the bowl to stir, will squeal and run away at the sight of slimy seeds, and try to lick the salt off the cookie sheet are preferred.

Step Three:  Use arbitrary amounts of ingredients.  Some melted butter...a splash of Worcester Sauce...plenty of salt. 

Step Four:  Place in a pre-heated to a random degree oven for an undisclosed amount of time, like, "'till they're done". 

Step Five:  At a point no where near the middle of the cooking time, try to flip over the seeds and shake 'em up.  Ignore the ones that fall off the tray into the bottom of the oven.  Those ones will burn away eventually and people will assume you use the oven way more than you do.

Step Six:  Temporarily forget about the seeds in the oven.

Step Seven:  Take out the charred remains and in the hopes that they taste better than they look, try one.  If they taste like burning, you did it perfectly.

In my case...Step Eight:  Throw away the first batch and do the exact same thing to another batch 2 weeks later.



Melissa823 said...

I am cracking up out loud trying to read this to my husband. I'm almost glad you ruined them just so I could laugh this hard at your blog.

Courtney said...

hilarious. Sounds like too many of my attempts. At least I'm not the only one!