Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Hungry!!!!

I'm hungry and I'm going to be a great big baby about it!

The gym that I go to, Crossfit Pittsburgh, initiated a sadistic scheme...uh, challenge for the new year.  The torture is called the Zoleo Challenge.  Anyone choosing to participate got measured (ugh!) and weighed (worse!) and did a baseline test that consisted of a 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups for time.  All of this info is written down in my Hello Kitty diary with a lock that no one can ever find, ever.  About a month from now, we'll take all the measurements and weight again and do the baseline test to see if any of the numbers improved.  (If they haven't, you can find me at Taco Bell)

The hard part is the new "eating plan".  It's a combination of The Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet.  The Zone, to me at least, is very complicated to understand at first.  I had to calculate (based on my math history, even typing the word "calculate" makes me twitch) how many "blocks" of protein I need to eat in a day to be "in the zone".  Based on that, I build my diet to include protein, carbs and fat in a balanced way.  The word paleo comes from paleolithic or cave man.  Yeah, that's right, cave man....meaning if a cave man could eat it, then it's good.  If not, it's out.  No dairy, no artificial sugar, no grains.  Paleo is strictly lean meats, fish, veggies and fruit.  That's it.  Zone allows for a little dairy and grain, but still no sugar.  There is no weird supplements or pills to take and on both diets, you're encouraged to eat way more than you do right now.  It's a very "clean" way of eating.

Today was my first foray into this eating style.  And today, I'm miserable.  I'm sure my body is going through some withdrawals...I have a strong affection for Snickerdoodles, cheese and salt (Not all mixed together, though.  That would be gross.)  Hopefully, I'll adjust to this new lifestyle soon...ya never know, maybe I'll even convince YOU to jump on this Zoleo bandwagon!  I'll keep you updated on results....

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of my Word for 2010, nursing my pneumonia stricken baby girl back to health, warding off all ear infections from my baby boy and gnawing on the coffee table.


Lindsey said...

Good luck on that Rachel! We went on a similar diet (easier I think) before our wedding and the first few weeks are the hardest. Once we started feeling better and were use to it, it was great - and great to see results! I hope it goes great for you!

Courtney said...

Ugh...dustin is trying this, but I'm not sure how strict he's being (we went to Mad Mex last night!). I've thought about joining in, but can't quite commit all the way....which is about the same as not at all. I do want to improve my eating choices though- so maybe you'll inspire me!

Crafty P said...

God bless you. I'll eat all the snickerdoodles for you!

Happy said...

Wow. I would never have the restraint for that diet. Ever.

So sorry you are miserable and hungry and hope that your body adjusts to help you go through with it all. You can do it. Just write down all your feelings in your Hello Kitty diary every time you feel tempted to eat a Snickerdoodle...or the coffee table.

Hope that Bella is starting to feel better!

I need to get my word too!