Thursday, April 15, 2010

Security Blankets

As spring is gloriously upon us, I've been inspired to do some unusual cleaning.  Today, I cleaned the plastic silverware tray!  Jay saw that I had cleaned it and said "Finally!"...before you jump to a feminist conclusion, he meant that he had been wanting to clean it for some time, too.  I had just beaten him to the Magic Eraser.

My next target of cleanliness is a bit more vulnerable for me to share.  And, you'll probably think it's a funny thing to be worried' up box!
It's a silly thing to feel vulnerable about, dontcha think?  But, still...I don't like for people to watch me put on my make up, or to dig through my stuff, touching the brushes, testing the colors...whatever.  To me, it's a private thing.  But!  My word for the year is progress, right?  So there you have box of make up.  And, occasionally, it needs to be cleaned.
I wash the brushes with a special brush shampoo, wipe off all the pots, and wash out the box itself.
Ahhhhh, so much better, right?
Whenever I clean my make up and put the box back in it's drawer (safe from prying eyes), I remember that starting in junior high, I would carry in my purse every make up item I owned.  Leaving the house without it just simply never happened.  What if I had a make up emergency?  What if I needed to reapply?  What if I wasn't going to make it home by morning and would need it for the next day?  The latter actually happened quite a bit, but I never thought to carry a toothbrush with me...or clean clothes...or a sense of responsibility.  What are the chances that I would find myself in a situation that would wash every speck of make up off my face while in a public place?  Zero!  I don't recall a single situation that required a reapplication of all my make up.  

It has only been a few years since I got over carrying that security blanket with me.  Now, I'm strictly a lipstick and mirror girl!

However, I've realized that I have another security blanket lurking in my purse, right now.  I always, always, always check to make sure I have an extra hair band with me.  If I think I don't have an extra band, I immediately check my hair to see if my current band is coming loose or if pins have shifted.  What hair catastrophe is around the next corner?  What could I use as an alternative hair accessory?  Do I have a pen I could use to pin up my unruly hair?

Why do I torment myself with these seemingly unnecessary burdens?  What's the worst that could happen?  Logically, I know the answer is nothing, but still I cling to a small ring of elastic to provide comfort....oh, and chap stick and sunglasses, too!  Woosh!!!  More progress to be made, my friends!

Care to share any security blankets you're carrying around?


Hannah said...

Oh where to begin! Have you ever held my purse? My poor, poor back. But everytime I clean out my purse, I can't seem to part with anything.
Hand sanitizer - a MUST in today's swine flu world!
Epipen - for bee/wasp attacks
A compak and chapstick - my only makeup essentials now in leaving the house, but I've been where you were
Hair gumbands - gotta be ready for unruly hair
Hand lotion - what if my hands feel dry? I can't just walk around with dry hands!
Granola bar - sometimes you just need a snack
Tylenol... bandaids... dental floss... the list goes on and on.

I've come to terms with it. Sure, I could carry a smaller purse with less of these items like most other women. But then where would they get their emergency deodarent when they need it?

Happy said...

I wish the spring cleaning bug would bite me....but alas, it has not. I'm simply doing my best to maintain a level of cleanliness that keeps my ocd from wigging out.

What kind of make up is that? Do you really have "special" shampoo for the brushes? I usually clean mine with baby shampoo.

I have to have several lip items with me...lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick, lipbalm, etc...

And yes, the hair bands....gotta have a nice tight hair band!

However, I hardly ever wear my hair up. I love your up do's, but I look like I'm twelve when I wear a pony-tail. Sigh. Someday, I'll look grown up. Someday.

really curiuos about that make up? is it mineral powder?

Rachel said...

The make up is Bare Essential (mineral)make up. I love it! They are all powders...good for your skin, you can sleep with it on and not worry, excellent coverage, etc. It is a bit expensive, BUT! it lasts a lot longer than the drug store stuff I was using before. The shampoo is the Bare Mineral brand and if I hadn't used a gift card to buy it, I totally would have gone with baby shampoo. That's how support my make up habit...through gift cards and coupons. I get it at Ulta...though, at Ross Park there's a whole store just for this make up! It makes my heart flutter!