Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Word of the Year is....

I think I'm about to commit a "pick-a-word-for-your-year" no-no.  Now, in my defense, I do not recall reading any steadfast rules about picking such a word...if any rules exist.  Do they?

Anywho, for anyone unfamiliar with this sort of blogging right of passage...the challenge is to pick a word to focus on all year.  Something to work towards, reflect on, revel in or share with others.  Maybe your word motivates you to move in a new direction or inspires you to try new things.

I have seriously been struggling with thinking of this year's word.  I even busted out...ahem, excuse me, I meant to say 'employed the use of' a thesaurus to try to think up, spark, formulate an idea for a word.  Using the concordance of my Bible proved to be of no help either.  Don't get me wrong, I found a lot of good choices in there...gentle, genuine, grace (I promise that the alphabetical order is merely coincidental).  But something kept nagging at my brain!  One particular word could not be ignored!  I love it!

So, with already too much Word of 2010 is....

n. 1. a moving forward 2. development 3. improvement
vi. 1. to move forward 2. to advance toward a goal; develop or improve

Yes, this is the same word I chose last year.  But, I feel like I'm not done with it yet...or maybe it's not done with me.  Oooooh, deep.   Other words I considered often meant that I would need to make PROGRESS in an area of my life or a relationship or a goal.  So, there it stands!  My word is PROGRESS.

Have you thought of a word yet?


Happy said...

Totally love your word...couldn't we all stand to move forward or improve upon things?! Darn, that's a great word.

I don't know what rules exist for picking a word (I've yet to pick mine for 2010), but I think hey, if you're not done with a word yet who says ya gotta give it up?

Hold onto that progress!

Crafty P said...

Great choice! No rules darlin. Just follow your heart... Maybe it'll be your word for awhile?

Renee said...

love it rachel!
funny, i just posted a jumble bumble of words that were randomly on my heart, so i guess you could say my word is "BALANCE!" Progress could go right along with that though! :)
thanks for blogging so openly always!

Courtney said...

I finally got my resolutions up....similar idea, but apparently it's impossible for me to narrow things down. Progress is always an old standby though!