Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hit The Nail On The Head...errr Toe!

My kids don't wear shoes every time we play outside.  Whew!  I feel better now that I've confessed that tidbit. 

Sometimes, they might step on something sharp like a thorn or pine needle...nothing major.  Every once in a while, a scratch may occur from running, jumping, skipping or the like...again, no harm, no foul.  Or maybe the baby will pick up this....
and drop it on his teeny, tiny, baby big toe.  Oops.
As I was playing catch with The Bigs, I saw Trey monkeying with the 2x4 and thought not much of it.  Why is there a 2x4 in our front yard?   He had it in his hands for approximately 5 seconds before he dropped it.  He knew and I knew immediately that it was going to be bad.  I rushed over to him, scooped him up and his toe was already bleeding...a lot. 

After convincing Joe and Bella that no, Trey was not going to die, I shuffled everyone inside and put my non existent nursing skills to work...this included grabbing the nearest, cleanest wash cloth and calling Jay.  I just couldn't tell if Trey needed to go to the emergency room or not.  So, following Jay's advice, I put Trey in his high chair and gave him some blackberries and turned on some rockin' Fresh Beat Band.  He stopped crying, but his toe didn't stop bleeding.

Let me preface this next part with a disclaimer.  I LOVE our doctor's office.  The nurses are always helpful and make time for us, plus all the doctors are great with our kids.  But the following conversation was comical.  Being a tad flustered, I was tripping on my words at first trying to describe the situation.  This is what Jay heard from my side of the convo.  "Yes, he was barefoot." "Yes, a 2x4." "Right, outside, no shoes, a 2x4." "He'll be 2 next week." "Yep, barefoot."  Sigh...."We'll be right there."

The doctor and nurse were great, though, despite Trey's crying and screaming "HAVE A NICE DAY!" and waving Bye-Bye incessantly.  We were home in no time.

I took him this morning to get an x-ray...which was none too pleasant to keep a 2 year old occupied in an adult oriented waiting room and an hour long wait.  But all's well that ends broken bones.

Trey is not bothered at all by his toe and look where we were tonight after dinner....  Don't tell on me, please.


Katy said...

oh my gosh, that foot bandage is hilarious to me for some reason. i love how happy he looks outside with his little "slipper" over the toe!

Hannah said...

Awe, sweet baby boy! Glad to hear no broken bones and that he's on the mend!

Happy said...

The Happy kids are always out sans shoes. Especially when we're out at the farm. If I'm being really honest, sometimes when they are diaper wearing tots Trey's age...I don't even dress them to go outside. Why? That's just asking for grass stains and mudstains. It's easier to just put them in the tub when they're done! (This occurs only at the farm where the closest neighbor is not close at all and not when I'm home in suburbia...).

Your conversation with the funny. I was also very fumbly with my words when I called the dr after Noah drank the Tylenol last week. Which, surprisingly, I haven't blogged about. You may have just inspired me, though.

So glad Trey was a champ and that no toes were broken in the process!

He's such a cutie in his foot cast! Another one for the baby books, huh?!