Saturday, February 12, 2011

Equal Opportunity Hater...

Maybe it was last year...last summer...I can't remember.  Time has become blurred in my mind.  Either way, there was a very popular song on the radio.  I will not mention a song title or a group name to remain fair to said group...who knows?  One of them may read this one day and I don't want to hurt their feelings.  This song was so popular, it was played incessantly!  Every time I got in the van and had a turn to listen to something other than Veggie Tales and Laurie Berkner, I heard this particular song...multiple times!  Finally, I reached my breaking point and told Jay that I wanted to punch the group in the neck.  When I threaten a neck punch, you better believe I'm irritated.

Not only was the song over played by about 4 million times...I just couldn't stand the style of music.  Not actual singing, but more like whispered talking, with romantic lyrics that independently make no sense, but put a little synthesizer in the background and teens and tweens all over the world are swooning!  I can just picture in my head, all the girls wishing that the DJ would just play this one song at the dance so that she could slow dance awkwardly with her current crush all the while wishing and hoping that the boy would really say these things to her.  Whoa!  I just threw up in my mouth! 

The lead singer makes me think of guys that wear girl pants...and are always brooding.  And this is a problem with me....Go ahead, call me an old curmudgeon, but I simply cannot tolerate the fashion trend.  I have never looked at any man wearing the "skinny jean" and thought "Oooooh baby!"  Oh no!  I threw up a little again!  *For this section of ranting, I'm aiming specifically at young people who will follow trends simply to be accepted.  Adults are welcome to look foolish for fashion at their own expense at any given time during their adult life.* For one thing, if a young boy is skinny enough to wear jeans that will fit a girl...he now looks (at best) androgynous.   That kid is gonna get picked on.  Is it right?  Absolutely not!  Is it fair?  No way!  Is it true?  You betcha!  Shouldn't kids be able to express themselves any way they see fit?  Sure!  In that case, why are anti-bullying courses mandated throughout elementary school?  Because kids are cruel and adopting a fashion trend that will make you look different simply because someone famous is sporting it is setting yourself up as a target.  Many will try, but few will actually look like Justin Bieber or one of the Jo Bros.  This trend is equally as bad for the boy who is a little too heavy to pull it off.  He has now developed  the dreaded muffin top or "dunlap".  This, too, is a target and esteem crusher for when the ladies don't swoon because of the ill fitting pants.  Speaking of the ladies, I wonder how it makes them feel when boys around them are fitting into jeans 2 sizes smaller than they are because their hormones and hips are all outta whack?

My point for the rant was simply, I do not like the band. 

Recently, Jay told me that the lead singer is a devout Christian and still lives humbly in his parents basement despite the fame and fortune.  Huh.  That's interesting.  Hmmmm....does this change my opinion?  Should it?  Now that I know this dude is a brother in Christ, should I give him more leeway?  More artistic wiggle room?  Show support for the family?  Take back my threat of bodily harm?  Maybe I should go out and buy their CD or use the world wide interweb to magically purchase a song or two.  After hearing the groups version of a popular worship song?  Nope!  Still want to punch them in the neck.  Sorry, but I'm an equal opportunity hater...


Happy said...

I read this post on Sunday afternoon (out loud to my tweens). Mostly because I thought they could tell me the songwriter/group and title track, but nope...not so much.

They did however, begin a lengthy talk about the varying degrees of the skinny jean.

All the band boys at church wear them. And all are deemed mega cuties. I think it must be a generational thing. Sort of like bell bottoms in the 60's...

In any case, I'm gonna watch out for you next time I see you. Don't want punched in my neck over my AE skinny jeans.

Even though the post really isn't about skinny jeans and skinny jeans alone.

However, with regard to the song lyrics and school dances and current crushes, I liken it to my age group slow dancing awkwardly to Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love To You" in 7th/8th grade! Awkward!!!!!

Rachel said...

I love it when the ladies sport the skinny long as they rock it! It's only the boys that give me the heebie jeebies!!!