Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Thankful...

A couple of months have passed now since we learned of Trey's diagnosis.  Has it really been that long?  Has it only been 2 months?  Some times it seems like December was years ago...and some times it feels like it's still Christmas Eve.  I can't decide which feels more comfortable...moving slowly through this process or hurrying to get to the other side???  Either way...Trey is doing great, as are the rest of us.  We continually find more things to be thankful for....

*Trey's scans have come back with positive results!  His treatments are doing their job!
*The overwhelming pouring out of love and support from our family and community!  Trey's Facebook group has over 700 "friends"...I don't have over 700 friends!  Heck, I don't have more than 500 FB friends!  If you haven't joined in over on FB,  look up "Pray (and more) for Trey"!  (Shameless plug!!!)
*Christina, who you know from this blog, faithfully sends out prayer reminders to hundreds of people every Tuesday.  Our sister, Cathy, from this blog, sends out weekly emails and keeps Trey's Caringbridge page updated.  Carley started the Team Mitlo-One bracelet trend.  Todd and Kelly order, distribute and collect funds from the bracelets.  Tracey is organizing a "Team Mitlo" for the Pittsburgh marathon.  Nicole organizes the meal delivery plan and scrapbooking events.  Mike and Jenn from Crossfit are designing and ordering "Team Mitlo" t-shirts.  Barret organizes a mail system so that Joe and Bella regularly receive fun mail.  Our church collects cleaning supplies for us.  The PTA of our kids' school sponsors events in Trey's name.  Jen collected donations at her work.   Bethany and Natalie created and update a map of the world so that we can see who's praying and where.  Deb has ironed every one of Jay's shirts!  Our family has been instrumental in babysitting.  Countless gifts, letters, and donations...It's humbling to be the recipient of so much generosity.
*Joe and Bella are doing so well throughout the whole situation.
*Joe and Bella have been healthy even though kids around them have been dropping like flies at school and church from strep throat and stomach viruses.  They have not missed one day of school due to illness!!!
* Trey is handling his treatments like a champ!  Aside from his sweet, bald head and bruising (from low platelets), you'd never know he's sick.  He plays, runs, jumps around, giggles and fights like a "normal" 2 year old!
*The nurses and staff at the hospital have been great!
*The Lord has continually kept fear and worry and doubt at bay...we're reminded of Matthew 6:25-34.  We may not know what life will look like 6 months from now or next week or tomorrow.  But, we know that TODAY, Trey is doing great and we can hold him and love him!
*Jay and I make an excellent team!

We continue to "fight the good fight"!  Carry on...


Crafty P said...

tears of joyful thanksgiving over here.
way to count your blessings!

Anonymous said...

You and Jay are doing an amazing job! We are prayerfully with you every step of the way! Keep "Holding him and Loving him!" There is nothing more important! What are a beautiful reminder that every day with each of our children is a what precious gifts from God!

xoxo Michelle

Anonymous said...

oopps! how did that "what" and "s" on gift get in there?
You know what I am trying to say! :)