Friday, May 4, 2012

Victory Is Mine!

This toy has lived in our house for years and years.
Somewhere between Bella and Trey, a quarter had been deposited in the toy.  Try as I might to shake it out, that quarter was stuck in there.   Since the toy is in really good shape (which is strange for our house) and the kids have outgrown it, I thought it would be nice to pass it along to another home.  Then it started to pick at my brain that while I haven't been able to dislodge the quarter, an ingenious (or perfectly average) toddler may be able to.  How is that possible?  How can I NOT get that quarter out?  I can SEE it in there for crying out loud!  I was really torn!  I simply can't throw away such a nice, yet potentially dangerous toy.  But, how horrible would that conversation be?  "Hey, thanks for the toy.  Do you know the Heimlich?"   It became my mission to get the quarter O.U.T.  Tweezers?  Nope, won't fit.  Balance it perfectly so the quarter simply slides out?  Not possible.  I kept fiddling with it as I talked with my friend, Lisa, on the phone.  Lo and behold, I got that stinkin' coin out!!!!  I had to rudely interrupt Lisa mid-story to yell about my victory!  I did it!!  No one was hurt and the toy was not broken!
Ha!  I put that sticky, picture hanger, gooey stuff on the end of a paint brush, slid it next to the giraffe, stuck it to the quarter and pulled it out!  It really worked!  I am too happy about this victory.  It may be a small victory, but I'll take it!  Now, who wants the (safe!) toy?


Crafty P said...

i LOVE those toys... if baby Piper doesn't want it... I'll take it! It reminds me of shirt tales.

great job getting that quarter out of there!

Niki A said...

We had the same toy... Luca saw this post as I was reading it and said "that's my toy!" Unfortunately, Luca put something under the elephant leaving it stuck shut. My curiosity and controlling nature gave me the thought that I could unscrew the base, fix it and put it back together, no problem. WRONG. There are a million little bars and clips that need to put put just in the right place before you can screw it together. I think it was impossible, and it ended up in the trash pile. Apparently, 2 AA batteries were the culprit.