Thursday, October 4, 2012

What we did today....

Since Trey does not go to preschool, I have been giving him lessons here at home.  It has been WONDERFUL!  He surprises me every time with things that he knows (that I didn't know he knew) and his ability to retain information.  But, today was too nice to stay inside!  Who knows how many more nice weather days like today we're going to get, so I wrote down some things on a list that Trey could look for outside.....
Something green, or "Duh, Mom"
two different leaves

something straight
something beautiful

Something that makes noise.  See the car?

a stick.  Love his face!

something round

I just like our street in the fall...

Not part of the hunt...
but, Trey took the sign anyway.

something fuzzy

Whatcha thinkin' about, Trey?

Bella in on the fun!  A piece of litter.

a chewed leaf

Bella's something beautiful

something smooth


Bella's 'treasure', a cool leaf imprint

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