Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Giant Leap

This past weekend I joined the ranks of the "smart" phone users!  I'm still learning how to use it...I may have inadvertently called some people from my contact list that I haven't talked to in years.  Oooops!  To say that I took a step up into this technology would be a horrific understatement.  It's more like a GIANT LEAP into this era of 4G's and wi-fi. 

I went into the store with this:
My beloved Strawberry Chocolate!  She was really cutting edge (I swear!) when I first got her years ago.

I came out of the store a painful 3 hours later with this:
Ain't she a beaut??  I think my hesitation to jump on all this fast paced, touch screen, swiping bandwagon may be due in part to growing up (in the 1980's & '90's, thank you very much!) with THIS bad boy:
Yeah, that's right.  Who didn't have a candle stick phone circa 1920 in their front hallway?  All the cool kids had to push that lever to use call waiting.  And the rotary?  Pshhhhhh.  Try not to be so jealous. 

Did you have anything "unconventional" in your house growing up?


Jennifer said...

Our TV was too old to have a remote control. You had to push the buttons to change the channel. It was the original interval training workout: get off the couch, run across the room, switch channels, run back to the couch and sit. Repeat as many times as possible. We didn't grow up with cable so we really only got 3 or 4 channels - on a sunny day.

I love that you've joined the world of SmartPhones. welcome. :)

Courtney said...

Welcome to the 2000's! Or '10's!

on the opposite end- I will have you know that I had a headset phone when I was in middle school. A purple and white cordless headset. It had a batterty pack that you could clip on to your belt, and a cord that connected into the headpiece. It was really really awesome. (and maybe kind of made me look like I was ready to take orders at Taco Bell).

Before that we just had a kitchen phone- but it had the world's longest I would lounge around all corners of the house, wrapping the cord around pretty much anything and everything in my way. It would inevitably become horrifically tangled, and we'd have to hang the receiver upside down to "spin out the kinks". It's strange to me that my children will never know these woes.....

Rachel said...

Argh! I'm so jealous of the super long cord. Mu cousins had a kitchen phone with a long cord and they would stretch that thing out trying to gain some privacy. I desperately wanted to know what they could possible be talking about that I wasn't allowed to over hear. Plus, with the phone we had, you couldn't even sit down while talking because it had it's own special nook in the wall and you had to be right next to the receiver to be heard.

Jen! We, too, had a TV with no remote...but that was more because they weren't invented yet. We eventually caught up with the Joneses on that front, at least.

Happy said...

We had a pet pig, which at times was fairly unconventional.

Congrats on stepping into the world of smart phone users!