Friday, November 23, 2012

The Paleo Results!

It's over!  The 9 week challenge that I took part in is over!  Since I put all my business out on front street 9 weeks ago, I think I owe you a follow up.

You guys!  It wasn't as bad/difficult/gut wrenching as I thought it would be!  As for the diet aspect, I kept it simple...the wildest recipe I tried was making breaded chicken with almond meal instead of bread crumbs.  For breakfast, I absolutely ate the same thing almost every day.  For the rest of the day...there was a lot of grilled chicken, steamed veggies, sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, tuna, fruit and almonds.

I never craved anything...though at one point after Halloween, I was cleaning the kitchen and picked up a chunk of a Hershey bar!  Oh my stars!  I covered my mouth with one hand and threw the chocolate at the garbage can!  Get behind me, satan! 

I'm sure I could go on and on about the diet, but I'll just hit the high points.  I exceeded my weight loss goal!  I lost several inches!  This sounds weird, but my fingernails are the strongest they have ever been!  My belly feels good all the time, which wasn't always the case previously.  Someday, I'll tell you what happens when I eat the turkey sandwich at Eat N' Park...The only time I felt hungry is when I didn't or couldn't plan ahead.  *There were a few hospital days with Trey when I just could not eat in front of him*  My skin is clear(er)!  Though, as a life long picker, this makes me sad.  Maybe I should include it under 'low points'.  But, truly, even Jay has complimented my skin several times...and this is the same husband that (years ago) didn't notice that I had taken out my nose ring for 3 weeks.  My times for each of the benchmark workouts improved!

As for low points, not too many.  However, we went to a wedding and let me tell you...I love, love, love weddings!  I knew that this day would be a "cheat" in my entries and I was okay with that.  I was eying up that wedding cake!  Seriously?  I DIDN'T like the cake!  It was too sweet!  (I know, I know!  Wah!  And my diamond shoes were too tight!)  But, really!  I was looking forward to that cake!  Bummer.  Another time, I went to dinner with friends.  Knowing that I wasn't going to use a "cheat", I looked up the menu ahead of time to find something Paleo friendly.  What did I end up with???  A stinkin' chicken salad with all the good stuff (cheese!) taken off.  I could've had that at home and not had to tip anyone!

Now that the challenge is over, I plan on sticking with the Paleo, though not as strictly as per the challenge.  And maybe on the weekend, I'll enjoy a "free" meal.  Since we rarely go out to restaurants (I mean, come on!  I went to ONE in nine weeks!), I will choose freely from the menu. 

But now, I know you've all been waiting for them...The after pictures!!!!  Let me refresh your memories with the before pics, too...




Hooray!  Can you tell by the pictures that I hate, hate, hate having my picture taken?  Ugh!  Anywho...look into Paleo if you're thinking of changing things up.  It's a challenge, but isn't anything that's worth it?


Crafty P said...


you rock!

Happy said...

You look great, Rachel! I admire your dedication! It sounds like Paleo has a ton of healthy benefits, but based on the way I am struggling with just this no caffeine thing, I would probably have a hard time. Are you allowed to have caffeine on Paleo? Maybe I will switch...

Rachel said...

Coffee is Paleo! Thank goodness! But, not milk or sugar...however, coconut or almond milk and Stevia(??) are Paleo. I've always and forever taken my coffee black, so not a problem for me. No pop or juice, either (unless it's fresh squeezed juice). But, alas, I don't drink pop or juice. I was happily sustained on water and coffee! Oh, and thanks!!

Courtney said...

Good job! I'm totally in next long as coke slushies are allowed! (But seriously...good for you. You should be very proud!)