Monday, November 5, 2012

Should We or Shouldn't We????

Of course I'm talking about The Elf on the Shelf.  I mean, what else could it have been?  It's kinda embarrassing to think of how much mental turmoil I create for myself over a decision like this.  Do you love him or hate him?  Do you even know who he is?  This little (sometimes mischievous) Elf plants himself in your house for the Christmas season, watches the children and reports back to the big guy (Santa...not THE Big Guy). I actually have a pro and con list for this "Christmas Tradition"...Please help me to decide!

He's so cute!
I love to think of the kids' faces as they search the house looking for the elf every morning.
What a fun tradition!  Aren't I always rambling on and on about not having enough traditions?
I could stretch my creative muscles to think of new and funny ways to hide him. 
If I hide him well enough, maybe the kids won't find him for a few days but they would use all their free time searching instead of fighting with each other.  

So, you're telling me that in addition to making lunches, redding up, Christmas shopping, planning and decorating, that I have to REMEMBER to hide this guy EVERY night for a month?
I fear the wrath if this elf gets "hidden" in the same spot more than once.  My kids are old enough to call that BS out.
Some people have gotten sooooo creative with their elf that there are blogs dedicated to this tomfoolery...Pinterest boards, websites (sometimes inappropriate...get him outta your liquor cabinet and the Barbie bin, for Pete's sake)!  That bar is set pretty high, my friends.  Not that my kids would judge me, but I would.  I would. 
I would be setting myself up for every year to come.  As much as I long for traditions, I'm kind of a commitment phobe.  Can you do Elf on the Shelf just one time?  Or is that opening a 15 year long door?
Don't get me started on the whole "There's an elf watching me, so I better be good" concept!

See what I mean about torturing myself?  Clearly, I'm making too big of a thing out of this.  Can't I just plop him on the mantle?  Do you wish you would've started something like this years ago?  Do you regret starting this?  Do you have a similar tradition that you like better?  The clock is ticking, people...


Happy said...

We do not have an Elf On The Shelf. I refuse to buy one and implement until I follow through with an advent calendar or a Jesse Tree.

If you've nailed one or both of those, well, why not throw Mr. Elf in there too? Everyone loves a little Tom Foolery.

And while I do not know your husband, just from virtually reading here, facebook, and his blog, I am guessing he might be pretty good at helping you come up with a few good hiding places.

Ps. This post was just littered with good humor. Yeah, that's right, littered with it.

Crafty P said...

we do it all. elf, jesse tree, gingerbread houses....
I do not do any of that crazy elf tomfoolery. our elf simply hides in a new spot every day after he's flown back from the north pole.
something tells me Joe would be "on" to him pretty quickly....

and I agree with happy everyone loves a little tom foolery... lol

Melissa823 said...

Why don't you just do it the week before Christmas? Then you don't have to do it the whole month.

Melissa823 said...

Why don't you just do it the week before Christmas? Then you don't have to do it the whole month.

Courtney said...

I was interested in what people said about this guy....We have a few more years (or at least one more?) before Piper cares about such things, but I'm on the fence about him too. I think the Jesse tree is a good suggestion though....And don't get me started on all of Crafty's traditions. She does it all and makes me tired just thinking about it! (but a little bit jealous)