Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look Out, Loretta!

Well, hello blog world! After some encouragement from a few friends who blog, I decided to take the plunge. I have been a blog voyeur for quite some time and have felt like I missed out on some fun blog adventures like The Christmas Tour, Wordless Wednesdays, Flashback Fridays, Tell-it-like-is Tuesdays...wait, that was Dr. Phil.

I have to give many thanks to my friend, Diz, for teaching me to be blog savvy until my phone battery died. Many of you may know Diz as Crafty P. She is currently in the running for Queen of all things crafty and yummy. She's kind of like the MacGyver of crafts. I think if she was trapped in a JoAnn's store she could create something to save the world....or at least make an incredible scrapbook about the whole ordeal with a gift bag filled with treats for everyone to take home, with her 4 boys in tow and a smile on her face!

I'm not sure what I can contribute to this blog community....and I have been told many times that I should be writing for myself, not for others. I get that. I will write whatever I want, when I want. However, if it were strictly for my own enjoyment, I certainly wouldn't put it on this inter-web thing. I'm not particularly crafty like Diz, or a brilliant writer like Courtney (and her hubby Dustin!) Courtney also has some great links to trendy sites that I don't visit because I think "they" can tell that I'm sitting here in really uncool, ill fitting sweat pants with baby drool somewhere on me.

My wonderful hubby has a blog as well. His is very thought provoking and sometimes controversial, and occasionally funny.

So, some days I may share a funny anecdote about the kids (I'll try to have my camera ready!), maybe just the ramblings of a mind spent with a lot of toddlers, or maybe something more. God has been teaching me A TON of great, yet tough stuff recently, and I might just pass it on.....

Check back and leave comments!


Jay said...

Great start honey! I just wanted to encourage you on your online journey. Who's next to comment? Who loves you baby? Hey. Who said that ("Who loves you baby") originally? Somebody on tv.

Crafty P said...

good question, j. who DID say that? I can hear it in my head, but can't put a name to it.

Welcome little miss thang! what a lovely and serene spot you've chosen out here in bloggity-ville. I know you gussy the whole place up once you figure it all out.

I, for one, would love to read what God has been working on in your life, since we can never seem to get 2 seconds together without someone injuring themselves or needing their hienie wiped.

know that I love you and am excited for your journey and that since I comment on yours, you should comment on mine. tit for tat or something like that.

the girl known as crafty P (aka diz)

Hannah said...

Well looky here! This will be fun! :) I will be upfront in saying that I will add you to my daily internet stalking list. So keep on trucking, and kiss those kiddos for me :)

mitzy said...

Hi Rachel!
Im a Bloggy Buddy of Crafty P..
Welcome to what I like to call a wonderful Addiction!..haha

Blogging is lots of fun, and a great Outlet, well it is for me at least..LOL

I look forward to getting to know ya better through the wonderful Blogging World!


Rebecca said...

Welcome! Your first post has me chuckling quite a bit so I say you are going to bring some great humor to the blog table. Yay!!!!!

And I'm honored to be listed on the sidebar over there with the Queen Crafty P!

And may I just say I spit on my screen when I read, "say it, don't spray it!"

We're gonna get along just fine...

Courtney said...

Yay! I'm so excited you've joined us! And thanks for the sweet compliments....although I'm not sure much of the dribble over at my site can be called "brilliant". I'm happy to have another online AND real life friend combo. That's the best. Happy blogging!

Megan said...

Hi Rachel - so glad you've joined the blogging world! Another Pittsburgh blogging friend - I am lonely over here in Philly!