Sunday, January 25, 2009

My name is Rachel....and I'm a T.V. addict

After being gently chided in the comment section by a creative, orange gourd-like fruit loving someone, who will remain nameless, about my lack of posting.....I must confess. It's because of my love of T.V. Here's a rundown of shows that I like to watch. They are not in order of popularity, but rather days of the week.....I think. And allow me some time to justify at the end of the list.

Cold Case
CSI: Miami
The Bachelor (not every season, though)
The Closer
American Idol
The Biggest Loser
The Mentalist
Life On Mars
The Office
Burn Notice

These are shows that we DVR, but we will let them accumulate and watch much later...

Celebrity Rehab
Rock of Love (don't judge me)
Charm School
The Pick Up Artist

These are shows that are "out of season" right now, but work their way into the rotation.

America's Next Top Model
Amazing Race
So You Think You Can Dance
The Apprentice

Then there are shows that I enjoy if nothing else is on..

What Not Wear
Any house flipping shows

I don't really "watch" any daytime T.V., though it is always on in the background. I do enjoy Ellen and The Bonny Hunt Show (she is quickly squeezing out Oprah due to political differences she and I are having at the moment)

Now, with the list finished, allow me to explain/justify/excuse......I do not want you to think that I sit around for hours a day allowing my creative muscles to atrophy. Most nights, I don't sit down to watch until well after 9 p.m....after the kids have long been asleep, the house has been redd up, and things are ready for the morning. Also, we have company over every Tuesday night and every other Thursday. We go to church on Wednesday evenings and Sunday dinner on (duh!) Sundays. And I read at least one book a week. Being that Jay is the "voice of the Penn hills Indians" and it's right smack dab in the middle of girls and guys basketball season, there are many evenings when I'm home bymyself (with sleeping children), and a girls got to do something to pass the time,right?

Not to mention, since the invention of the DVR, I have not watched a "live" show in ages. An hour long episode is quickly whittled down to 44 min. less if there is any gross kissing or food eating. A 30 minute show gets banged out (yeah, I said it) in a measly 22 min. Can't beat that with a bat!

All that being said....don't you think there are better things I could be dong with all this T.V. consumed time? I don't organize a closet, make some scrapbook pages, post on the ol' blog, go to bed before 1 a.m.? So, how about week, someone ask me about those things, and I promise to be honest!

Now....who's next? What are YOU watching?


Megan said...

I love TV too - not sure if I am brave enough to make an honest list though...but you've inspired me (don't you love that your tv watching skills have inspired me?) so perhaps I will. We DVR and I try to explain to people that it means I never just flip channels and watch random shows (which most people do but don't count it as tv watching since they aren't watching a show), but I watch what I want to watch, when I have time to watch it. Like you said, you also cut down on time actually spent watching.

The shows we have in common are The Office, The Mentalist and SYTYCD. I'll have to make a list and post on my blog or leave another comment.

Crafty P said...

good idea, rachel! i'll have to make a list. I bet mine is longer... but then again, maybe not.

I'm disappointed that Glenn is not on your list and strongly encourage you (to the point I'm trying to come up with a threat) to watch him. You must be in the know. Unless of course your reason for not watching GB is b/c your beloved breaks it all down as pillow talk every night before you drift off into dreamland. Then, I'll accept that rationale.

I'm glad my comment prompting, prompted you to blog. Now, let me prompt you to call me! We can set up another "business-type meeting" if it behooves you.

Rebecca said...

I have a dream to be on What Not To mostly I do know what to wear, I just want the $5,000 shopping spree in NYC with Stacy and Clinton.

I don't think I can dance even a little bit so I don't watch SYTYCD. I do, however, watch American Idol, but since I don't have DVR I have to hope that Pixar's Cars is done playing on its continual loop when AI comes on. Or else I'm watching Cars.

I like some other shows, but I really don't watch anything with real regularity except Army Wives (and Pixar's Cars) but it's not even on right now. Army Wives, that is. Cars is always on. ALWAYS.

How's that? I'm a t.v. loser....

Courtney said...

Oh, do I love some television. Love. But I had to set some limits b/c it was getting out of control. Now I try and go to bed by 11, (no later than 12!) and I do the elliptical while I watch a few shows. That helps get rid of the guilt!

Here are my shows-I have a show or two per day, but I don’t think there is a single show that I watch live. DVR changed my life.

M: The Bachelor (yes, every season.)
T: American Idol (notice I do not watch the Wednesday version, or the results show. I have limits)
Biggest Loser (I DVR and watch in 1/2 hour or less)
Real Housewives of Orange County (or any other city that Bravo is currently running)
W: Real World: Brooklyn (it’s actually tolerable this season!)
Top Chef
R: The Office
Grey’s Anatomy (but I’m thinking about losing this one if they don’t get rid of the stupid Denny/Izzy story!)
No Friday/Saturday shows....
Sun: Desperate Housewives

Out of season:
America’s Next Top Model
Amazing Race
So you think you can dance

Things I DVR:
The Soup
The Dish (like the Soup, but girlier, plus it has Topanga!)
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Anything with “the Duggers”: 17 and counting, 18 and counting, 1 million and counting etc.
Medical anomaly shows on TLC about pregnant little people, kids with bone disorders, or Siamese twins etc. (the ones about their lives though, not the scary medical ones).

And when nothing’s on, I watch:
Anything on HGTV (house hunters is my fav)
What not to Wear