Sunday, January 18, 2009

On This Day in History... 1.18.2009

On this day in history many excited things happened (by exciting, I mean important enough to warrant being written down)

~The Hawaiian Islands were discovered
~The x-ray machine was exhibited for the first time (I'd hate to be the first patient!)
~The Jeffersons debuted (go ahead and sing the theme song)
~The FDA approved the use of saliva based ovulation tests!

However, much more exciting than all of those things combined....on January 18th, 1984.....Courtney was born!!! Yeah for us! Today, she turns the big 2-5! Is that the benchmark for official adulthood? Several years of marriage, home ownership, contribution to the work force...all of these things have meant nothing up till this point. You've finally made it!

Congratulations also to Courtney's mom, who successfully made it through the 1983 holiday season carrying her sweet baby!

Courtney is a great friend and sister in Christ. So,

Among Courtney's many talents is the ability to throw a great party a la '84 including drinks like Pretty in Pink, Footloose, Member's Only, Valley Girl and Danger Zone. Don't forget the 80's Trivial Pursuit and a good ol' Rubix Cube!



Courtney said...

you're so sweet. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Glad I could celebrate with you guys! Get your 90's gear ready for Dustin's party.....

Crafty P said...

Fun pictures! Happy Birthday, Courtney! I love your sense of style (really! your house was so super cute on Sharing CHristmas!)

Jay said...

What a kind thing and selfless thing to do Rachel. Way to post about someone special to you. I am excited to see how the Lord brought the two of you together as friends. My question is, which one of you is flashback Monica and which one is flashback Rachel?
Flashback Chandler