Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes, the tooth hurts!

Allow me to formally introduce all of the blogging community to our sweet baby. Trey Douglas was born May 12, 2008.
(if I may interject here, and since I'm typing I say go ahead, his due date was May 5th and since his sister arrived early, every doctor I saw told me to be prepared for this one to come early too. They even said have your bag packed and the babysitter on speed dial. Jay went to the Survivor auditions and had to back out because on the off chance that he would be chosen to get to the next level he would have been out of town in April and that was cutting it too close to baby day. I should blame the medical community for being short one million dollars. Harumph, I say!!!)

We arrived at the hospital for an induction on Mother's Day (awww so sweet!) a mere 12 hours later, Trey got his first look at the world around him.

He has been a perfect baby since, so I hardly ever hold his slow delivery against him. I'll hold onto that nugget for later use.....

All of my children started teething at 4 months. 4 months! This made for creative nursing techniques, to say the least. Trey has been no exception, like clockwork his bottom teeth popped out right on track with his sibs. Then a few weeks later, the 2 top teeth started to the same time the other 2 top teeth started peeking! The poor baby's gums were so swollen and red. This was all happening over Christmas, too. Could he not have waited until AFTER our family brunch at the Country Club? We are now majority owners of Orajel and Tylenol.

Well, this morning I looked in mouth because he's been a bit cranky danky to say the least. And sure enough, 4 more teeth are pushing through! How many 9 month olds have 10 teeth????

He's handling the whole thing pretty well.....he still does "soooo big!" and his new maniacal laugh ( which most of the time he's looking at nothing and no one...just laughing. Hmmmmm?) The worst time of day is 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.....however, if the worst thing I have to deal with today is a fussy baby for 2 hours, I'll take it.

(He was channeling Gene Simmons at the time this photo was captured)


Crafty P said...

stop it. gene simmons! oh that is funny.

I want to say my boys were pretty early tooth-getters as well, but I don't think they started at 4 months.

May I recommend Hyland's teething gel and tablets. A lovely natural and organic remedy. Also, frozen carrots.... brrrrrrr.

Rebecca said...

Who is Gene Simmons? Oh, I'll have to go google him.

Cutie patootie even when he's teething, though!

Rebecca said...

My husband just informed me who Gene Simmons is...I'm ashamed I did not know, but really...that's too funny!