Friday, February 20, 2009

A Weekly Wrap Up

What in the world have I been doing that would prevent me from spouting knowledge all over the blogging community? It's not like I don't have things that I'd like to blog about. Things like the mom of octuplets (might be a tad too controversial) or the woman who claimed that the economic crisis caused her and her son to be homeless, forcing them to live in her vehicle (except that she had been fired from her job 2 years ago and her son is 37??) How about some light hearted fare? Say, progress on things rattling around in this ol' heart or Courtney's latin heritage?? Here's a rundown of what has been keeping me away from clicking away....

Joe's elementary school had it's 100th day celebration and students and families were asked to make a project using 100 items of......whatever.
Joe counted and gathered all 100 rocks and colored and stickered the poster.
Valentine's Day was soon upon us. We celebrated with cards and fun heart shaped foods...

Diz~ Does my food creativity cause your heart to flutter? Nothing says love like heart shaped pancakes and strawberries, pink Cool Whip and diced ham??? The kids need the protein....

Jay and I celebrated
Love Day by putting the kids to bed, having a glass of wine and........wait for it.....watching all of the dvr'ed episodes of The Bachelor! Perfect!

Once the glow of reality T.V. heart break and rejection wore off, it was onto planning a wedding shower for my beautiful friend Hannahbear, who does not need 25 eligible bachelor's vying for her love!
When there are shower invitations to be created and mailed, there is no time for blogging!
What else has been going on? Well...
*I helped Joe's classroom make Valentine mailboxes, then came back the next day for the Vday party.
*I ruined a basket of laundry....which fits in perfectly with my conspiracy theory that washing machines and mailmen are out to get me.
*Took Trey to his 9 month well visit...all's well.
*Fulfilled my duty as a copy volunteer at Joe's school.
*We had our weekly T.V. watching time on Tuesday night. Amazing Race and American Idol are dishes best served with friends!
*Mid-week connection at church Wednesday.
*Nursing my horrifically sore body back to normal in between ridiculously hard work outs.
*Trying to make progress in this heart.
*Broke Joe's heart by telling him we couldn't go to the Entertainment Night at his school because he was too is his sister, Bella.
*Today, we're wading our way through a sea of Benadryl and tissues.

Aside from that.....not a whole lot. How about you?

One last thing.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARRIE AND LENA!!!!


Rebecca said...

You are Hilarious...really. Washing machines and mailmen are out to get you? I get the washing machine (sort of), but why the mail man? No, not just one mail man, though, but multiple mailmen....hmnn...perhaps you should elaborate on that. And why is mail man two words and mailmen a compound word (at least in my not so grammatically correct head)?

Sounds like a busy week, though...I can relate to that loud and clear. Hope your kiddos are feeling better soon! (I did hear that letting the tissue hang from your nose while your mom takes pictures for her blog helps....)

Ryan said...

Three things -

1. Awe, I love the shout-out - thanks!! And my, what beautiful shower invites they are! :)

2. How did you ruin a basket of laundry? You can't just mention that in passing - I need to know details. What happened? That's a big deal.

3. Speaking of broken hearts, the pics of sick Junior (What? You're calling him Joe now? For good this time?) and Bella broke my heart :( That little pout on Bella... too darn cute.

Ryan said...

Oops - this is Hannahbear. Apparently Ryan was signed in last. Again - Hannahbear, not Ryan. Although I think I can pretty confidently say that he would share my concern about your laundry.

Rachel said...

Hannahbear~ I thought it was funny that Ryan should be so concerned about the laundry and shower.....

As for the was a load of whites that I tried to do differently. I did not use bleach, instead I sprayed things with OxyClean and added a scoop of Borax (it acts as a color booster. When I took them out of the dryer, everything that had touched skin had turned bright yellow. I had to throw out a lot of things. So, maybe it's the dryer that is working against me....

As for the Mailman, I often think he does not deliver our mail on purpose because I see his little truck all around the neighborhood, but yet our box remains empty.....

Crafty P said...

those are the saddest faces EVER. oh my goodness.

I love love love your food art! seriously, were those strawberries already like that or what? sooooo stinkin' cute!

mardi gras is coming! start thinking!

you and hannah are STUNNING in that picture. stunning!

It's way too late for me to be on here, so I'm going to run now!

Hannah said...

Yikes, sorry about the laundry. Who'd have thunk that? Your experiments in laundry science inspire me.