Friday, February 6, 2009

Take 2 aspirins, shampoo, and boiling water....

So, either I'm ill, finally get a chance to shower, or conducting a home birth. Maybe all three....or maybe I'm trying to get the pit stains out of the hubby's plain white t's.

The plain white t's have it....(the article of clothing, not the band)

My friend, Courtney, painstakingly cut articles out of her seemingly endless supply of magazines to try to aid in my quest for cleanliness.....Diz read to me from her magazine. Martha Stewart has taught me well.

And I learned (drum roll, please!)....we'll go ahead and buy some new t-shirts. The bottom line is that the stains are baked in. Deodorant cake anyone? Since I cannot clean these shirts, I will try to be preventative with the next round. Apparently soaking the stains in crushed aspirin and water will help dissolve the grease, or rubbing the stain with shampoo. Also, pre-soaking in a tub of boiling water with some oxygenated bleach will help, too.

Will I really do these things to prevent underarm stains? Only time will tell. Thanks for the suggestions!


Crafty P said...

I will certainly tune it to see how you conquer the pit stains! you are a superhero!

it's a wonder Vinny doesn't have these issues, he uses HALF a bottle of deodorant a day (it seems)

tolinma04 said...


It's definitely not Jay's fault. I apply to swipes of deodorant to each arm pit and don't even really sweat that much and I have the same problem. Eventually the caked pits will tear and then the problem is gone! I think there is nothing that will ever solve this problem...or maybe the deodorant companies and the undershirt tycoons have a deal so that people will have to buy more undershirts every year.
By the way, this is Mike Tolino, and kudos on attempting the impossible

Rebecca said...

I was really hoping this post was about you conducting a home birth...that would have been exciting stuff!