Friday, July 31, 2009

Defying The Odds....The Results!

Evan stays in???? Oh my! I did not see that coming. He's always been one of my fav's, but I totally thought he would be out tonight. After the opening routine, he was the only clown outside the box and he waved good bye...totally thought that was foreshadowing. So much for my interpretation skills.

Loved, loved, loved tonight's stroll down memory lane! The Door, Bleeding Love, I don't know the name of Will and Jessica's routine, and the Samba by Chelsea and Joshua. The Jabba Walkies (???) were awesome, too.

I had to fast forward through Sean Paul's never ending song. Doesn't he sometimes go by P Diddy??? I wonder if the back up dancers for those performances get nervous being around the SYTYCD dancers? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

I also FF'd through the solos since they were the same as last night and I don't particularly care for the solo performances anyway. Did I miss anything?

No surprise that Melissa was out, but man! What do you think is going through Evan's mind right now? Too bad for Ade, but I'm sure he'll go on to be a successful.....whatever it is that dancers become once they're voted off a reality show.

So there it is folks. Your top four dancers. Jeanine, Kayla, Evan and Brandon. Courtney is up for next weeks recap! Good night!


Crafty P said...

short and sweet. My jaw dropped. I thought for sure he was out, too! I love it though. Totally mixes things up.

I've started a club called "the 102nd SYTYCD show was WAY BETTER than the 100th celebratory episode", want in?

Will and Jessica's performance was called the GARDEN. His body is still amazing.

I thought for a few minutes that they were just re-showing last year's performances, but then I saw Joshua's hair was different and Chelsea and Mark got love from Cat (who's dress tonight was hideous, hideous! hated the shoulder pads! did Mary lend her a dress or what?).

great show!!!!

loved the Jabber Wokkies!

Megan said...

Great night to see the old routines. I just really think this season isn't AS good as last years and the judges keep trying to seel us that it's better than ever. When the guys did the final routine Wed night Nigel said that they wouldn't have been able to do something of that caliber in years past. Really? Last season final 3 was Joshua, Twitch and Mark. Yeah, I think they could have pulled it off! I feel like American Idol does this too, goes on and on about how this season is sooo much better than previous ones...I just feels fake and annoys me, like they're trying to hard. Just like Nigel and Mary seem to try and be like Simon and Paul with their bickering and bantering. OK, rant over - because really truly I love this show!!! I can hate BECAUSE I love!! :)

The hip hop group JabbaWockeeZ are from ABDC and it definitely helped fill the hip hop void of this season!

I think that Cat looked gorgeous because she could wear a potato sack and look good, but, like Crafty, I didn't like her dress!

I was sad to see Ade go, but not surprised. In terms of entertainment I like watching him dance more than Evan and would have enjoyed a finale with him paired up with Brandon.

Rachel, I thought the same thing with Evan and the opening routine! I guess that would have been too cruel!

renee said...

you have a 3rd sister (and her husband) who were suprised that evan stayed and ade left! wow! watching the "goodbye" footage of ade leaving and all he's done on the show, his dancing really is unmatched AND he has the personality. i just loved him since the beginning...oh well - still will be a fun finale and i still like evan and enjoy him.

they definitely are trying to say that this season is the best, but yeah, i definitely loved last season and last night's show was just too good when they brought back all our favorites. i'm not gonna lie, i totally have some moves down from bleeding love. jon and i are going to do the routine every morning before he leaves for work :)

cat! seriously, yucky dress. maaaaybe without the shoulder pads, if it were strapless and if it was for a christmas cocktail party. but that's it. still, how does she STILL look amazing?!

can't believe we're coming down to the end of our sisterhood recaps!! courtney, lucky girl - you get the finale!!! who will be the winner? taking guesses? i'm going to go with jeanine or brandon.

Crafty P said...

oh renee- I would love to see that- you and jon doing bleeding love. you are so funny! my favorite part is the tantrum she throws towards the end with the stamping of her feet! love it!

Courtney said...

Can you believe I didn't get to watch this until today (Monday?!) Travesty I tell you!
Loved the dances from last year...I felt like they teased us during the 100th episode. I'd like to get updates though- can we get a "where are they now"? (I thought a similar thing to you Rachel- what do they go on to do now? Besides Dancing with the stars of course).

I was surprised about Evan staying (though he was adorable as a sad clown- were you surprised that was a Tyce routine??), and though it wasn't a shock, I was sad to see Melissa go. Her footage showed what a graceful, beautiful, unique and talented dancer she is.

Oh, and I almost liked Cat's dress....mostly because she can do no wrong.

I can't believe it's time for the finale. I hope they give us a minute to catch our breath before starting season six. This has been quite the ride and I have no idea how it will end!

oh- and renee- dustin always jokes about wanting to learn the dance lauren and pascha did in season 3- where they ride each other like a giant spider?