Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Gotta Eat, 'Cause The Stage Is Your Bowl...

...and other ridiculous things that Lil' C pontificated about.

I feel like this episode was so jam packed that I shouldn't even take the time to say what a hot momma Cat is! But since I just did, allow me to say MEOW!!!

Let's jump in, shall we?

Brandon, Ade and Evan (She wants Revenge by True Romance)
Choreographed by Sonja!!! I really don't know what style it was, but I wrote down Willy Wonka meets the Phantom of the Opera. I loved it! I thought they had perfect timing and were so powerful! Lil' C was happy that Evan didn't get swallowed by the other two guys. Me too, Lil', me too.

*It seemed to me that Nigel did not have too much to say all night...until later, and I'll get to that.

Jeanine and Ade (Love Game by Lady Gaga)
They danced a Samba by Louis Van Amstel. Woo hoo! Jeanine looked like a sexy peacock! Ade needs to not smile sooooo much. It's kinda cheesy. Mary thought that the first 15 seconds were great, but then it all went down hill from there. I can't say that I agree or disagree because she talked a lot about technique of which I know nothing. I'll have to take her word for it. All I heard Lil' C say was something about "Smashing Universes" and I was lost....

Kayla (You Found Me by The Fray)
I think she danced it well, but I was more distracted by her lack of melanin causing her to appear to be translucent.

Melissa and Evan (Get Me To The Church On Time from My Fair Lady)
Evan got a Broadway piece by Tyce Deorio??? What??? Uncanny!!! Anywho...they were supposed to be a bride and groom, and the groom was running late. What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks was Melissa wearing???? Are you serious??? And the judges picked on Evan for his sock holder upper thingy's? Well, Lil' C was disappointed, Mary loved it and (finally) Nigel loved it, too.

Ade (18th Floor by Blue October)
Again, I think he's a fine dancer. I was a little distracted by his shirt flying around and I thought it was weird that he painted his jeans on, but whatever.

Kayla and Brandon (All I Want by Ahn Trio)
A contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey (from Canada's SYTYCD) about a mistress who won't leave her married man. I liked it when Kayla took off Brandon's shirt, yes I did! Lil' C thought it was intense and amazing. Mary thought it was brilliant. Nigel thought it lacked chemistry.

Melissa (I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone)
Did this seem really short to anyone else? Maybe because the song was so slow? It was good...

*I kinda feel the same about all the solo's in that we're seeing a lot of the same over and over again. Of course all the dancers are brilliant in their genre! What's not to love? It's to be expected. Moving on...

Jeanine and Ade (Move If You Wanna by MIMS)
Yeah for a Nappy Tabs hip hop! With props! As friends who just got evicted, they had to dance with boxes. It was so fun! I was nervous for them, though as I'm wont to be when objects are involved. I thought they did great! Lil' C thought Ade sat in "it" and pulled Jeanine down into "it" with him. In any other conversation in life that would be interpreted as a bad thing, but apparently in wants to sit in "it". Mary thought that they would not be evicted. And Nigel thought they got down, too. He's so street!

Brandon (Ofortuna by Mozarteum Orchestra)
So powerful! He got a standing ovation and the title of Best Solo Ever! (Did no one else notice what he was wearing? Or not wearing? I wanted to call it a banana hammock, but Jay said it was more like a banana band aid. Yeesh!)

Melissa and Evan (As Long As I'm Singing by the Brian Setzer Orchestra)
Quick step routine by Louis Van Amstel. Man, it was quick!! It lived up to its name! Lil' C commended Evan for dancing bigger, but then criticized his retractions. Mary thought it went down hill. And Nigel said that Melissa was to SYTYCD as Cloris Leachman was to DWTS!!! What??? Just kidding!!! He was a little disappointed in the routine, though.

Jeanine ( Feedback by Janet Jackson)
Again...good. She sure does show a lot of boobs, though.

Evan (Lady Is A Tramp by Sammy Davis, Jr)
He's so cute...I wanna stick him in my pocket.

Kayla and Brandon (Dance - Disco Heat by Sylvester)
Disco by Doriana Sanchez. I loved it!!! Loved that they did the "Double Death Drop"...very cool. Loved all the lifts, everything!
*This is the point in the show when all the judges drop acid and stop being coherent.
Lil' C said, and I quote "because when you see with your ears, there is not darkness" and "befriend characteristics of your challenge" WHAT??? At least the others acknowledge his weirdness. Mary started talking about homeruns, then she's screaming and standing....Nigel just lost his damn mind. Pure mayhem. But, I think they liked it.

Last but not least....

Melissa, Jeanine and Kayla (Kick It by Nina Martine)
Yeah for another Sonja routine!!! The girls get to be Super Women!! The costumes were so fun. Melissa's little tutu was tutu cute! Lil' C thought they were being too courteous of each other and Mary thought Kayla was favored a bit too much. Nigel just wanted to motorboat Jeanine and it got awkward.

So, who do you think is out? Me? I think...maybe...Evan and Melissa????


renee said...

hahaha....i'm still laughing about motorboating... weird. and inappropriate nigel. yuck. boderline sexual harrassment! if i was her mother i would have had some words with nigel. and that comment about his wife's divorice attorney? so awkward! everyone just kind of paused and didn't know what to say/do. he was strange last night, that's for sure.

oh man, lil' C's comments.... can we vote judges off??

i wouldn't doubt a little conspiracy with evan getting the quickstep... a little lightbulb went off in my head there. last night it was obvious from the judges that Evan should go home. I mean, I do too - i think it's melissa and Evan to go home, but they sure did make it look that way. felt bad for evan a bit! still think he's great, still think he did a great job and a great solo, but the finale would be super with brandon and ade, kayla and jeanine.

i REALLY liked jeanine and ade's samba... i thought for sure the judges would gush over them, but suprised me when they didn't. also loved the dicso and this is the first season where the disco has entertained me both times!

melissa's solo did seem super short, and honestly nothing spectacular. loved brandon's solo (even though he's feminine when he talks and smiles cheesy after dancing, there is no denying he is AMAZING when he dances). also ade's.... of course kayla is great.

really loved the stacey tookey routine... loved the guys willy wonka routine (although sorta didn't love the music. could have been even better with something more freaky or "wade-ish" sounding music) and the super woman routine (again, didn't completely love the music to that one).

it's true, that nigel said america votes mostly on the choreography and the routines they like best...

superior job rachel!!!

Courtney said...

Oh man. Lil C HAS to go. Doesn't he know that the job of a guest judge is to balance out the nonsense stereotypes that the other two judges have pigeon holed themselves into (crazy screamer, and english muffin)? If he's a caricature too, who are we supposed to listen to?

Oh well....In a way I'm surprised next week is the finale, but a little part of me is glad, b/c I do feel like we keep seeing the same things from the dancers (especially the solos). I did love Sonja's stuff though....she's incredibly creative! And I learned that I like disco- I always groan when it comes up, but then I love it every time.

Agree that it's got to be Evan and Melissa's time. But I've said that before......

Great recap rach. Motorboating and painted on jeans. classy show for a classy lady.

Megan said...

I think it should be Melissa and Evan to go, but their fanbases may pull them through.

I there only one person who choreographs disco in the world? Just curious...Doriana does them ALL!

For some reason I wasn't too into it last night. Maybe it was that there were good routines, but no WOW routines. I liked Brandon and Kayla's contemporary and both Ade and Janine routines. I hated the outfits on Melissa and Evans routine. I can't imagine having confidence dancing in boxers with those sock things as well.

My favorite parts of the night happened offscreen. When Cat was announcing Brandon's solo she said something like "he certainly is here" after she looked over to the stage...I said to Matt "What is he naked or something?" Oh my goodness - when they cut to him we died laughing - because he was pretty darn close! Great solo though.

The next was after the girls routine. Matt and I (well really me, Matt's no idiot, he won't make comments about someone's boobs unless I initiate it!) have been talking all season about Janine's boobs and how she's the dancer with the boobs and last night during her solo it looked like afterwards she had to make sure one of the girls wasn't popping out ( I know, I'm just jealous that's all!). So when Nigel starting remarking on it, again we were cracking up (cringing as well, icky Nigel). Cat's remark of "she's got a super power of her own" was hilarious and then Nigel said you can't keep talent tied down (with a corset style costume...seriously the costume people are making it worse!). Again, gross, but made us laugh b/c of how much we'd already talked about it.

I think there is nothing more I can say, my comment is full of naked and boob talk - I should go before I make it any more R rated!

Megan said...

I swear that's a darn, not a dam...but if it is it's the kind in the river.

Crafty P said...

I totally thought that Jeanine might have a wardrobe malfunction after that solo- and ironically it was danced to Ms. Jackson! ha!

Crafty P said...

ps. great review rachel!

pps. liked Brandon and Melissa's solos, even though I hate the solos. It feels like they try to jam as much dance and do it as fast as they can before the "dance, dance, dance" echo thingy. I hate jam packed fast dancing like that. too busy. too crazy.