Sunday, January 10, 2010

Favorite Day

Yes, I am STILL thinking/praying about what my word should be for this year.  I know, the clock is ticking.  I feel, though, that if I get it done while the calendar still reads January, I'll be good.

On a strictly frivolous note...What would your favorite weather day look like?  Here in Pittsburgh, it has FINALLY stopped snowing.  Just in time for the temperature to drop to single digits.  Last week, Joe had three 2 hour delays and school was canceled on Friday.  I know I shouldn't complain, Wednesday and Thursday should reach the mid 30's!  Needless to say, this would NOT be my favorite weather days.

My favorite weather day would be to wake up with the windows open to clear, cool skies.  Cool meaning 65 degrees and a slight breeze coming in the windows.  *I reserve the right to wake up, relish the breeze, roll over and go back to sleep.  Having 3 kids probably means I cannot invoke that right, but still...this is a fantasy day.*  I would like the late morning and afternoon to be hot and slightly overcast, but yet no threat of rain.  All that direct sunlight hurts my poor, wittle eyes...wah -wah-wah (that's supposed to be the sound of a sad trombone).  The evening and night should be hot, hot, hot!  I love going outside at night to play or walk or water the garden and not have to think about grabbing a sweatshirt.  No humidity, please!  Oy!  My hair!  Then somehow on this magical weather day, the temperature will drop 30 degrees to start all over the next morning.

How about you?  What would be your favorite type of weather day?


Katy said...

your favorite day sounds pretty similar to what mine would be. although i wouldn't mind if it stayed 65 or 70 all day with a light breeze. my favorite times of my favorite days are right after sunset with the windows open and the breeze just drifting through the house. oh, how i long to open my windows!

Happy said...

I like it hot baby!

I like to have it so hot during the day (and sunny) that I sizzle while sitting on the back deck reading a good book and sipping a cold iced tea...or a popsicle.

But bring on the a/c at night so can still sleep under all my covers.

Disclaimer: I do not like it hot when I'm preggo though. No sirree...the E-Z Bake Oven my uterus turns into makes it plenty hot enough thankyouverymuch!