Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Turn Plastic into Cotton

Yipee for new jeans!!!  I haven't bought new jeans in a couple of kids, so this was a real treat!  So, armed with a Christmas gift Old Navy gift card...I ventured out.  Mission accomplished!  Plus, maybe I found a few other things too.  

And because I'm easily distracted by shiny things, especially near the register...I totally forgot to give the cashier my prized gift card!  As I was walking out the door, I exclaimed "Oh nuts!!!" and caught the attention of several people.  I told the cashier the problem and got back in line to wait my second turn.  She then had to return all my stuff and ring it in again...BUT!  This time SHE messed up the transaction and got flustered, as well.  I told her that she and I should definitely NOT perform surgery together any time soon.

All's well that ends well...


Courtney said...

I agree that this was an amiable dispatch.....what???

Anyway- yay for you! Didn't they have some cute stuff? I think I bought 5 cardigans....we're going to have to narrow that down and return. Fun though!

Crafty P said...

yeah for new jeans!!!

Old Navy and I are not friends though. Their jeans and I do not get along, apparently. grrrr

I can't wait to go out with you and buy ANOTHER new pair sometime soon! Maybe after we PAINT the kitchen??? ;)

Happy said...

New jeans are wonderful, but how even more wonderful that you haven't had to buy any in awhile! It makes new ones that much more exciting! Especially when using a gift card to get them!

So offense Rachel, but I don't think you should be performing surgery with ANYONE anytime soon!

Stick to painting with Crafty!
Hehe, but watch out for those fumes!