Friday, March 19, 2010

The Ramblings of a Busy Mind

I apologize for being out of the blogging loop recently...busy, busy, busy!  What I consider to be March Madness may just possibly be different than your basketball saturated March Madness.  We finished up Odyssey of the Mind, which nearly devoured my sanity, so I do not have the energy to make a whole post about it.  It ended well...let's move on.  This past week we celebrated Joe's 7th, Jay's 39th, and Bella's 5th birthday!  The BIG family party is tomorrow, so I have a post in the hopper about that.  Ideas for posts have been popping into my head and I actually wrote them down.  However, the dust accumulating on non living surfaces is calling my name, therefore I don't have time to give just one topic my undivided attention.  Here's a run down of my list, though...

*I'm excited to do this egghead craft at our Spring/Birthday Party tomorrow.  While I was getting the eggshells ready (2 dozen), almost half of them had 2 yolks!  What's that even mean?  Is is good thing like spotting a rainbow or dreaming about unicorns?  Or a horrifying side effect of forcing chickens to shoot out eggs machine gun style next to their 2000 closest friends?

*When singing along to the radio, (which I do unabashedly)am I obligated to use the same pronunciation as the artist?  I was jammin' to Black Eyed Peas (don't judge) and the guy say "somethin', somethin', last forever...somethin', somethin' be togever".  It just feels wrong.

*As much as I love reading, which is a lot, I do not want an electronic book reader...especially one called Kindle.  Every time I hear it, I feel like burning something.  I need to feel a real live book in my hand, smell the ink, judge the artwork on the cover.  I want to feel the spine crease and (gasp!) fold the page to save my place.

*Jeff Probst needs to create a "Survivor Uniform".  My neck hurts from constantly diverting my eyes to avoid flying boobs, bum cracks, happy trails, and blurred circles!  Family T.V.?  My blurred circle it is!

*Marie Claire is a dirty, dirty magazine.  Worst use of frequent flier miles. Ever.

*I recently read 2 wildly popular books, Redeeming Love and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  I thoroughly enjoyed both, would recommend them to others and may even read them again.  BUT!  I found a HUGE flaw in both books!  It's probably just me...but still, it bothered me.  Wait for the post...wait for it...

*The main theme throughout Proverbs is that it's not good to be a fool.  I pray I am not and fear that I am.


Crafty P said...

Been thinking about you and your birthday peeps over there! Can't wait to see pics of the b-day bash.

I'm so sick of the dust and dirt over here... so, I'm off to clean.

I told you were smart... I saw no flaws in either book and thoroughly enjoyed their entertainment and thought provoking styles. Can't wait to hear 'bout your thoughts.

I have been receiving LUCKY magazine. I think I'll recycle the rest of them to your house. I hate it. I miss COokie and Domino.

Lindsey said...

About the double yolkers, its generally not a mutations or anything tragic. My parents have had hens for years and they get double yolkers when the chickens just start laying. So chances are you just got eggs from some young chickens!

Happy said...

I did not know that about hens. Very interesting!

I read Redeeming Love and The G. Potato Peel Pie Society and LOVED them. Very curious about these flaws. Do tell soon.

And I'm lucky if I get the words right to songs let alone worry about proper pronounciation!