Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Wants To Buy A Ticket On This Train?

How does one write a post about themselves without it sounding like bragging?  I am aiming for motivational, and simply using myself as the subject.  Fair enough?  We finally got around to updating our measurements and baseline test at CrossFit for the Zoleo Challenge.

Bust (aka boobies) -2"
Under Bust -1 1/2"
Naval -3 1/2"
Widest point (aka hips...for me, at least) -2 1/2"
Thigh -3/4"
Calf -1/2"
Bicep -1/4"

That's 11 inches off!!!!!!!!  Yipee!  Plus, about 15 pounds...Plus, I shaved about 2 minutes off my baseline test!

Who wants on this train???


Crafty P said...

Wow! Super and fabulous! I'm in awe. I just don't see any seats on that train for me. Do you see yourself
riding it forever? I need lifestyle changes that work and that feel attainable. Your diet doesn't sound like it would
fit my life. Does that make sense? How's it working as a family unit, too. Is jay on a similar train?

Rachel said...

I really do feel like this is a lifestyle for me now. Sure, at first it was hard and takes a lot of planning, etc. But, it's so freakin' healthy and it makes me think about what I want to eat for a "free" meal so I get to really enjoy it! Jay is not fully on the train, but he's super supportive and even the kids are onto new/different foods.

This IS an unconventional way to live and may not fit into your life right now...but, I bet you could tweak some stuff to work for you. Knowing you, you could write a whole recipe book for the Zone Diet or something!

Courtney said...

That's great! I just got my measurements taken for the first time, so no results for me yet, but I have high hopes!! However...I've only committed to the workout part so far, not the diet, so we'll see how that goes. But better something than nothing, right? Right.

I am trying to make small changes though- more healthy snacks, more fruits and veggies, smaller meals throughout the day. And I'm excited about this summer- fresh produce...farmer's markets...yes!

way to go!

Happy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And I'm also just in awe. Can't even imagine your level of self-control and discipline, of which I have neither.

So, that being said...

I just the other day decided to tweak our diet. No more sugars for the kids. Goodbye drinkable/squeezable/crushable yogurt. Goodbye sugared cereals. Goodbye fruit snacks.

Hello whole wheat flour tortillas for wraps (stole this from Crafty over the weekend). Hello organic yogurt you eat with a spoon. Hello Honey Wheat Pretzels.

So excited for summer produce too!

And I so need to workout. Still got baby belly. Ugh.

You are super amazing!

Melissa823 said...

Super AWESOME! IT's not bragging if it's your own blog!!

Renee said...

yay rachel!!!! you go!! you're so beautiful and fit!!! :)
before reading this, i posted about the P90X program my husband is doing - it's a great feeling to be eating healthy and working out, especially after the long winter months. i'm proud of you! (although, gotta say, in pictures it doesn't even look like you need to tone up! you're just toning tone :))