Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

What an amazing week we had at Give Kids The World and Disney!  There are so many stories and pictures to share!  Before I get to all that, though, I wanted to say that I think that preparation was key to our trip's success.  {along with an army of prayer warriors, Holy Spirit, and God!}  We really tried to think of ways to prepare the kids as best we could for the things that were going to happen...

*We talked a lot with the kids about what would happen once we got to the airport and on the plane.  They knew that they would have to go through the metal detectors and security.  On the plane they knew that the flight attendant would go over a lot of safety information that might sound scary, but was for "just in case".   The bathrooms would be tiny (and gross) and they would get one small drink from the cart.

*We also prepared them for the other families at GKTW.  From the outside, it looks as though nothing is wrong with Trey.  We could be just your average family.  However, a lot of the kids at GKTW have very obvious special needs.  Joe and Bella knew not to stare or point or say anything rude.  Trey seems to be oblivious to differences in other kids.  They really did great with this and Bella was so sweet to talk with and stand in line for something with a little girl in a wheelchair, a ventilator and a slew of other issues.

*We would prepare them for each day by explaining where we were going and what was going to be there as best we could.

Everyday held its own surprises and curve balls, but the kids had enough knowledge and confidence to deal with them and even overcome fears and nervousness!


Crafty P said...

you guys rock- such great parents. I can't wait to HEAR all about it!!

Happy said...

Agreed! Such great parenting to think of all these things beforehand.