Sunday, March 25, 2012

Favorite Moments

Oh where to start?  On our trip to Disney, the whole time was wonderful (aside from THE duck incident).  To be able to see the park and attractions through the eyes of children that have never seen these things before was awesome.  There are a few moments that stand out as our favorites, though....

On our first day, we took the monorail from the parking lot to the Magic Kingdom.  The cab was crowded, but the kids were super stoked just to look out the windows at the tops of trees while in a moving box.  As we got closer to the park, Cinderella's Castle came into view between the trees.  Well!  When Trey spotted the castle, he started SCREAMING!!!  A couple of older folks looked slightly put off by the screams of a toddler, but everyone else seemed to ignore his excitement.  This is exactly what Trey said..."WOOK!!!  IT'S CINDERELLA'S HOUSE!!!  CINDERELLA'S HOUSE!!  CINDER! ELLA'S!!!  HOUSE!!!  WOOK, WOOK!!!  Was that too loud?"  The whole cab burst out laughing.  Seriously?  This kid is too much.  I probably didn't do it kinda had to be there.  But, man!  Trey has comedic timing!  What a wonderful reaction to seeing the castle!

Another moment that you'll think is gross...but I find hilarious!  We were on our way to Legoland and we went through the drive-thru at McDonald's.  While waiting in line, Bella starts yelling that Joe needs a tissue.  Thinking that Joe just has a little clear drip of snot, I start rummaging for a tissue.  I can't find one...not a tissue, not a napkin, not an extra shirt...nothing.  As I'm searching Bella becomes more and more agitated, yelling that Joe is disgusting and gross.  Plus, I hear that Joe is now giggling.  When I look back at Joe, there is a HUGE string (like the length and width of my pinky finger) of bright, neon green snot dangling out of his teeny, tiny nose!!  I'm telling ya, I have not laughed that hard in a long time!  Poor Bella was distraught, but Jay, Joe, myself and even Trey were laughing until tears streamed down our faces.  The fact that I had not one single thing for him to wipe his nose with made it even better.  Joe had to hold still until we got our food...with extra napkins!  I know, I know!  We're so immature!  Nanny nanny boo boo!  I thought it was a great moment.

As we entered a different park everyday, Bella would scramble to grab a park map.  It just made my heart happy to see her everyday walking, studying her maps as if Jay and I might not be able to find our way around.  Bonus!  She could really read them!

The fireworks over Cinderella's Castle!!!  It really is magical!

Joe overcame a lot of fears (though some were just temporary reprieves).  He got his picture taken with a character!  He rode a horse!

I'm sure there are a thousand more stories, but those stick out to me...

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