Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy (???) birthday to my sweet girl!

Our poor Isabella has had a tough run of birthdays.....Her first birthday, she had a double ear infection. Her second birthday was celebrated by taking Joe to the hospital for some stitches...awesome! We think her third went off without a hitch....but this year! Sad-Sack-o-Suds she is....instead of birthday cake and ice cream, she's having watered down Gatorade and dry toast. She hasn't thrown up in a while now, so.....

Happy birthday my sweet, beautiful baby doll!!!


Courtney said...

Oh the March birthdays.....they are seemingly endless! Sorry poor Bella was sick. Can she get a do-over when she's better?

Rebecca said...

Poor Bella! I hope she feels better soon!

I think the do-over sounds like a great idea!