Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want YOU to go to this concert!

On March 13, PW Gopal is performing at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall! Who is PW you may ask? PW is an awesome brother in Christ and he has an amazing talent to boot! His voice is soooo powerful he almost doesn't need a microphone. If he just stood in the middle of a room and read from the phone book people would stop to listen (or they would be wondering why he was doing that...but you get what I mean) To see him in concert is like watching Storytellers on MTV...or VH1...or MTV2....or whatever it is. He has a great story for each song he has written or a reason why he's performing a particular song.

The church that we go to (Riverside Community Church) is sponsoring the concert and allowing PW to use their satellite location at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall, cool huh? The proceeds will benefit our local Young Life area, too. See? Everyone wins.

March 13
7:30 - 9:30
Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Entrance 5
$10/adult, $7/student

We will be going with the kids as it is our eldest baby's 6th birthday that day, so it would be hard to say "Happy birthday, Joe! Now, have fun with the babysitter!" We're thinking of getting there early, hittin' up Giggles N' Smiles, a little food court fare and rockin' the night away! Hope to see you there!

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Rebecca said...

Have so much fun! I thought about going, but I am working on Saturday (a rarity). However, if I can get a sitter (another rarity, but not as rare as working on a Saturday)I might try to come.

I'll keep you posted.