Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Photo-A-Day

Welcome April!!!  Over at Courtney's blog, she has set forth a challenge!  It has nothing to do with giving up t.v. or training for a 5k, so I'm in!  The challenge is to take a photo of something specific everyday and either blog, tweet, or instagram it.  Since I don't know how to Twitter or take old timey looking pics with a phone that's smarter than I am, blogging it is!  Here's the list of picture prompts:
Check out Fat Mum Slim's blog for a good read, too!

This challenge is appealing because it's all about taking pictures and I love the opportunity to use and keep learning about my new camera.  The first day is my reflection:
I will not take a picture of myself in a mirror.  I just can't.  Should I smile?  Make a silly face?  Pretend I'm not aware of the camera that I'm holding?  I'm not a good subject matter for photography...but I do LOVE my coffee!  Forever and ever, I have used those coffee singles (ya know, they look like tea bags).  Yes, I am aware that most coffee drinkers consider this to be swill and not acknowledge it as a real beverage.  Then, when we started Trey's many, many trips to the hospital, I fell in love with the cinnamon coffee sold at the hospital cafeteria and snack shop.  Because Jay loves me so, he started buying me real cinnamon coffee so I can enjoy it outside the confines of Children's Hospital.  Granted, I had to dig out the coffee maker we received as a wedding gift (12+ years ago) and learn how to measure proper scoops, but I love it!  Yum!  So there's my reflection.  There's still time for you to jump in on this challenge!!!


Courtney said...

ooooh- i love it! So creative! I went with a regular mirror shot, b/c I'm lame like that. Plus I don't like coffee, sooooo....

glad you're a part of the challenge! can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Happy said...

Love the creative way you approached the prompt! Awesome picture! Looking forward to some fun blog posts/pictures around here over the next month!

Holly Glo. said...

That is an awesome shot! You're a natural!