Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm ready to Review! Yes I am!

Oh this week....kinda made me want to take a shower after it was over. It was better than last week overall, but weird. Anyone else feel the same? And why, oh why will Cat not say the word judges? Just because it sounds like she's saying choodges, that's part of her charm.

Cat and Mary were working the Grecian look tonight. And Nigel looked like he just got back from the mall in his Members Only jacket. Tony Basil holds a special place in my heart. Yes, she does!..if only she would carry her pom-poms with her a la "Hey Mickey!" Who knew she was so "street" and hip-hoppy?

The dancers, this week, explained what they would be doing if they were not dancers. There were a few surprises, I think. So, onto the dances...

The journalist and the carni (Carla & Jonahan) started the night off with a Dave Scott hip hop number. I actually liked their outfits. Yes I did! But Jonathan is soooo not gangsta. The judges seemed to agree.

Onto the jewelery maker & the singer (Asuka & Vitolio). Holy crap, I thought she was going to throw in nipple tassles as part of her craft inventory. Their dance (a jazz routine by Mandy Moore) was like watching an early 80's porn video (which I do ALL the time so don't bother to comment on that). There was complete overkill on the tongues sticking out and rocker hand motion thingy. The judges seemed to think it was alright and that they have potential.

The Pilates instructor and the sound engineer (Melissa & Ade) shook out a rumba by Tony Merideth. I really like the dancing and so did the judges. But again, a little too much V-neck on Ade and while Melissa looked beautiful, I'm sure she had double sided tape all over her strangely muscular body!

Now for the loan processor and lighting and design tech (Jeanette & Brandon). They did another hip hop routine by Dave Scott. Jeanette's outfit!!! Am I starting to sound like an old lady or what? But I really feel like I could not let my kids watch this and I thought this was "family friendly". Oh well....I LOVED the dancing. Yes I did! I thought it was great that they did not have to be perfectly synchronized the whole time. That seemed to be a sticking point with the judges for the other couples. Did anyone else think that Brandon's gay-ness was showing more tonight? The judges like their routine.

The model and the costume designer (Kayla & Kupono) perpormed a waltz choreographed by Jean Marc and France. I thought it was really beautiful and it didn't hurt that their outfits were modest. Has anyone seen my Geritol and Metamucil? Mary actually put them on the Hot Tamale Train, but the others thought it was too safe.

The elementary teacher and cutom car builder (Randi & Evan) did a contemporary dance by Mia Micheals that was all about the (gulp) BUTT. While I like the outfits, I must have said "Oh dear!" out loud about 5 times during the routine. I'm excited that the judges all really liked them and the dance and the choreographer, butt (Ha! Get it?) oh dear.

Onto the broadcast journalist and soccer player (Caitlin & Jason). They did a passe doble by Jean Marc & France. They were dressed as sexy warriors. I liked it and the judges thought it was fearless. The music, I thought, kinda made me like it.

Last but not least is the actress and inventor (Jeanine & Phillip) rockin' out a Broadway routine by Tyce Diorio. I loved the 50's style. Yes I did! Poor Phillip tore his pants and Jeanine couldn't keep her dress down, but I thought they did great. I can see what the judges mean when they say that they need for Phillip to step up even more. You can tell that he's trying and I think America loves him and wants him to stick around, but in a few weeks I think he might be in trouble....

My prediction for the bottom three couples is...
Carla & Jonathan
Asuka & Vitolio
Kayla & Kupono

Here's to Asuka & Kupono going home! Tune in tomorrow for the results. I'm excited because The Veronica's are performing! I like them! Yes I do!


renee said...

rachael, i can't stand it - you're so funny... YES YOU ARE! haha. you seriously wrote a lot of your thoughts as i thought them on the show. bravo, bravo!

my fav couples of the night were melissa and ade - LOVE! and not just cause melissa is a 29 year old ballerina and pilates teacher (haha!)i really love them more and more everytime i watch them. melissa seems like she can do no wrong (will be interesting to see her do hip-hop!) and is stunning. her body?! hello! Ade has really grown on me - i think he's sneeking into one of the leading men for me... yes i do!
(by the way, i totally turned to my husband during the show and said, "why does mary always say "yes i do!" or "no i don't" - she's getting weirder! however, i really agreed on a lot of her comments last night.

nigel REALLY let karla and jonathan have it in his comment, huh?! we agreed with him, but it was like, "oooo, nigel, you're just putting salt in the wound now!"

while the judges seemed to like asuka and vitolio, i did not care for that routine at all. didn't like the choregraphy (usually i like many moore's stuff) and asuka just looked awkward the whole time. i think/hope they will go home... although how sweet is vitolio taking care of his partner?!

LOVED evan and randi's routine - such awesome choreography! thought they danced mia's quirky choreography awesome; props to mia! really enjoy watching them. butt... (there is no butt!)

really loved both jeanette/brandon's hip-hop and kayla/kupuno's waltz... both very enjoyable! caitlin/jason and philip/jeanine's routine were just "good" to me.

i'm thinking the bottom 3 are karla & jonathan, asuka & vitolio, and caitlin & jonathan.

okay, once again, i wrote too much... YES I DID! :)

renee said...

oops - at the top, i meant to say fav couples are melissa and ade, AND evan and randi, but missed the evan and randi part.

Crafty P said...

you CRACK me up, YES, you do! ha! I love it. first let me say, great review.

I totally agree that Brandon's G-ness was all out tonight. oh yeah.

I am completely NOT in agreement with you on Ms. Beetlejuice, I mean, Tony Basil. I fast fwd through all her critiques and she totally irks me. nuff said.

I thought the show really didn't get started until Melissa and Ade. While I liked their rumba, Yes I did, I thought Melissa's stark white body was not complimented well by that little frock. I think she's amazingly muscular, but I have a hard time looking at all the muscles everywhere.


The outfits tonight were pretty much atrocious- I'm with you all the way on that. HOWEVER, loved Randi's lingerie inspired outfit- spot on and I also loved that routine- I laughed out loud and thought it was totally memorable.

overall, the show got much better as the night went on. I could do without all the "rocker tongue" going on and was especially lovin' Jeanine's hairdo (ala Gwen Stefani-esque- maybe that's who Nigel and Mary were thinking of?). I did go to bed feeling like I inhaled a handful of down feathers though- seriously, that was crazy, Tyce. What were you thinking! Poor Philip and Jeanine trying to dance through THAT! geesh!

faves of the night: Melissa and Ade (they rocked that) and Brandon and Jeanette (hated her outfit though) and LOVED Randi and Evan (so fun and MIA!!!).

Want to see go home--- Kupono and Asuka. please!

Courtney said...

You did a great job on the recap...YES YOU DID!! Seriously, Mary is getting even more ridiculous- if that's possible!

In my opinion Carla & Jonahan and Asuka & Vitolio were a complete mess. Just rough.

And Melissa's body is incredible...but am I the only one that thinks she might be a little too muscular (in a creepy man-arm-Madonna kind of way?) Perhaps I'm just jealous.

Loved Jeanine & Phillip- but I almost always like what Tyce's just fun and makes you happy (even if it does almost choke you with feathers).

Thought Randi & Evan were great too. Mia can do no wrong, butt (get it?!?!) what I really liked was seeing Evan step up into a strong non-quirky-broadway type role.

I second (third?) the nomination fro Kupono and Asuka to go home. Down with crazy names and bad dancing!

Megan said...

I'm with Crafty in that Toni irritated me a bit. I miss Adam!

My favs were Ade and Melissa, Kupono (no love from Crafty?) and Kayla, and Randi and Evan. I was surprised that two of my top three were ballroom. I really loved the Vienesse Waltz - it had such a beautiful flow and was so smooth. I thought they both did really good!

I thought that Philip and Jeanine's number was really fun to watch - I thought he did well and I loved the jump over the couch!

I would like to see Asuka and Jonathan go home. His hip hop was painful to watch - definitely no gangsta! I think Karla did alright and I hope she can stick around and be paired with someone better (Vitolio?).

I would love to see some good hip hop routines this year - the dancers really seem to be struggling with that style. So far, aside from Mia's Butt routine, nothing is jumping out at me this year. Nothing as memorable as last season at least. So funny though, when Mary says that two of last week's routines were some of the best on the show ever. Really? Hmm...I could name at least five without even thinking that were so much better. If I thought about it I'm sure it would double. I don't know why they're trying to convince us that it was so spectacular. Seems forced to me.

Oh well, I love the show no matter what! Love Cat's dress last night - gorgeous as always!

Happy said...

You know you did a good job when someone who didn't even watch the show can laugh heartily at your review! See, I don't need to watch when I have the Sisterhood.

My favorite parts of this post:

The word carni. I am oddly fascinated/totally freaked out by carnies. I love and hate them at the same time. I am intrigued by them, yet at fairs, will twitch when the pick my kids up off a ride.

Nipple tassles...because who doesn't have some of those?

All the "YES, I did" one liners. SO funny. YES, they were!

The part about needing a shower after you were done watching...

And the words "gangsta" and "gay-ness."

Classic review. I'm pretty sure the folk at Entertainment Weekly would be interested in all you have to say!

Courtney said...

Megan I totally agree about the lack of hip hop skills (or is it skillz?) this year. Phillip is really the only hip hopper- and his style is still a bit too different to fully count. I miss the days of Josh, Twitch and Comfort (and if I miss Comfort, you KNOW this show is getting bad!).

Crafty P said...

since we're still talking.... I watched the results show tonight and kept thinking "you know, there's just no one (YET) that is really standing out to me like last year. I know, it's early, but I just miss me some Twitchington and Chelsea and Mark and.... yeah, I could go on. I want to be wowed and am just not feelin' in yet. totally underwhelmed thus far. plus, Vinny HATES The SHOW. Especially Mary. men.

Crafty P said...

oh funny, I just realized that Courtney said something similiar to me! ha! guess I should read a bit more thoroughly... at least we're tracking together here